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If there is a place on earth that one would consider a second home, that should be their offices. Most people will spend at least forty hours each week at their workplace. Yet, office spaces get very little attention when it comes to decorating. Consequently, most of us have to drag ourselves to work every day with very little enthusiasm for our job. We bring you some easy ways to revamp your workstations and lift up your motivation.

Color Scheme

This might sound like a lot of work for an office space. But trust me; it will take only a few minutes to select the color scheme of your choice. Your cubicle most likely has the most neutral color possible. So, vamp it up with some bright colored accessories like yellow, red, orange or bright green that goes with your cubicle color. For instance, if you have a grey cubicle, you can add bright yellow images, pen holders and notepads to add that pop of color. These color splashes will keep you going even when you are having a bad day at work.

Keep it Personal

This is more about finding motivation at work than merely decorating. Bring in photographs of your favorite people, role models or maybe your dream house that will inspire you to work harder. You can also add your kid’s drawings or motivational quotes to give you the drive that you need. Just keep in mind to carefully arrange these on your cubicle so that it doesn’t look overcrowded or cramped.


A bit of nature on your desk will give you the freshness that you so long for. For office desks, the best choice is to go for cactus, succulents or air plants that require very little maintenance and are perfect for proccupied owners. You can find these decorative house plants in most nurseries. Brac Nursery and Aarong have an array of indoor plants that you can choose from. You can also order them online at Smart Garden or Banayon. They usually come in cute decorative containers that are very appealing to the eyes.

Fish Tanks

Most offices in Bangladesh are very bland and allow very little scope for relaxation. If you want to bring in some fun activities to your workplace, you can get one of those round mini fish tanks and have one tiny fish of your choice. When bored at work, you can have a bit of fun playing with your pet fish!


This is another way of bringing in Mother Nature to your workstation. Fresh flowers are known for their ability to lift up a gloomy mood. However, if getting fresh flowers every other day sounds like too much for you, you can always get fake ones and introduce a bit of color to your desk.


If your cubicle seems very small to you and you often feel suffocated by the surrounding walls, you can hang mirrors on your walls to give an illusion of a bigger space. Get cute and decorative mirrors that go with your color scheme. This way, the mirror will serve both as a décor piece and let you fix your hair without rushing into the washroom.

Organization Tray

Organization becomes a big issue in any workplace. There are papers, pens, notebooks, magazines, cardholders, files and so much more that needs to be kept in check. A nice looking tray will help you organize these items and make it look good at the same time.

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