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Interior designers have introduced so many décor styles over the years that it is almost impossible to decide which one you love most. In such an instance, Eclectic Style paved its way into the design world. It came as a relief for people who have a hard time committing to a single decorating style.

Understanding Eclectic Style

Eclectic Style is a blend of different design styles put together to co-exist in a complementary manner. It is the technique that is not limited to one definite style but combines furniture, accessories and other decor elements from different time periods, origin, style and pattern in a single room.
Eclectic Style is actually great if you don’t want to throw away your old furniture every time you decorate your home. You can keep the things that you love and work your way around them. However, it is important to note that Eclectic Style is not the synonym for ‘anything goes’. This makes Eclectic one of the trickiest decor style to achieve.

Listed below are some tips to help you attain Eclectic Style for your homes:

Neutral Background:

Since Eclectic Style brings in elements from a wide array of places, it is important to keep the background walls neutral. This will keep the room from looking chaotic and overcrowded. Neutral colors will help tie in the furnishings and accessories.

Color Palate:

This is one of the most important aspects of interior design. Even for an Eclectic Style, color palate plays an important role. Choose colors of your choice that goes together.Contrast colors are a must in Eclectic Style. Use a contrasting color to add a pop of color to the room and then pick up that color and incorporate it in other accessories within the room. This will create a bouncing color effect that will help maintain a balance.

Work with a Focal Point:

This will give you a firm starting point and help you determine what should go with the room and what shouldn’t. So, bring in a Painting or a Decorative Rug. Then while choosing other elements for the room, try to visualize if it goes with the focal element. Match or Contrast your colors according to the focal point. This will craft a harmony in your design.

Accessorizing with Impact:

In an Eclectic decor, there is usually so much is going on at the same time. So, while shopping for accessories try to buy in groups. For example, instead of buying one shabby chic flower vase, but three in different sizes. Then couple them together on your center table so that it looks like a collection. When it comes to similar decor pieces, group them up to create such impact. Scattering them all over the place will fail to grab attention.

Diversify the Furniture:

Buy accessories in groups but do the exact opposite in case of larger furniture. Instead of buying an entire set of sofa, mix and match with the colors, textures or style. The safe way to go about it is to stick to the same color and just change the texture of the fabric or furniture style. For example: If you have a modern style dining table buy vintage style dark wood chairs to incorporate different era in your decor.

Re purpose and Reuse:

The best thing about the Eclectic Style is that it allows you to hold on to your old pieces of furniture without running the look of your place. If you have an old piece of vanity or a very traditional, overly decorated bed then refurnish them a little and display them proudly. But with your traditional bed don’t be afraid to introduce modern styled side tables.

Mixing Patterns:

Eclectic style usually has a lot of patterns. But it is important to remember that these patterns must have one common color or print that goes all over the room.

Create Uniqueness:

Eclectic is one of the few design styles that allows immense flexibility to add a personalized uniqueness to your home. If you want your home to have a cozy homely vibe to it and not look like it is out of some magazine catalog, then Eclectic is your way to go. Introduce your personal collections, family pictures or hand me down furniture to make it look unique.

When designing an eclectic home, try to feel what you want to achieve and take every design decision based on whether it will go with the vibe that you are going for. This will lead you to the formation of a controlled chaos, otherwise known as the Eclectic Style.

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