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The Mediterranean interior design style can help bring a natural and nautical atmosphere into your home. It will make your house feel cooler and more spacious. The Mediterranean interior design style is inspired by the interior design style in Mediterranean countries such as Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, and other countries. Each style has its own recognizable feature. To read up more about different interior design styles, take a look at our blog on popular interior design styles. The most recognizable feature of this interior design style is its simplicity. Let’s delve deeper into the Mediterranean interior design style and look at how you can apply this simple decor style to your beautiful home.

What is Mediterranean Interior Design Style?

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This decor style sees the use of many different materials

If you’re someone who likes to have a simple and elegant interior at home, then the Mediterranean interior design style is perfect for you. This style of interior design prefers the use of warm tones in your home. Starting from the use of red in ceilings, there are various examples of warm tones being used in this design style. Many different materials are also used in this style of decor, such as Ceramic, wood, iron, and cotton. It also has cultural imprints from many Mediterranean countries. Sometimes you will see Greek elements, sometimes Italian, and sometimes Spanish. 

History of Mediterranean Interior Design Style

The Mediterranean interior design style originated in the countries of southern Europe, incorporating the lifestyle of the people there. This style originated in the 1920s, inspired by the beautiful Mediterranean villas. These villas were a marker of the great craftsmanship from that era, which the Mediterranean interior design style wishes to emulate. There are also hints of Spanish and Italian architecture in this style.

Fundamentals of Mediterranean Interior Design Style

This design style draws inspiration from nature. The colors used in Mediterranean interior design will remind you of a bright sunny day. Sky blue is a color that is used often in this decor style, especially for the walls. Another great example of the incorporation of nature is the use of Lavender for the curtains, to add a floral tinge to the room. Other colors that are frequently used include olive green, red clay, and golden yellow. Ceramic tiles are preferred for floors in this design style.

লিভিং রুম
There are Spanish and Italian influences in this decor style

Ways to Implement Mediterranean Interior Design Style


Wood is the preferred choice of material when it comes to furniture. These can also have metal frames or accents. The striking thing about Mediterranean decor is the lack of cabinets, which is a great indicator of the casual lifestyle that is inherent in Mediterranean interior design. Light pine is the most suitable wood for making furniture in the Mediterranean style. 


Either wallpaper or panels can be used on the walls. And it’s best if they emulate stones. Or if that seems like too much trouble, you can paint your walls yellow. Soft cream, sand, or bright yellow would work well. Warm colors are preferable.


When it comes to the floor, ceramic tiles are the best choice. While choosing the color for the tiles, be sure to keep the color of the walls and ceiling in mind. 


Wooden beams are a signature of the Mediterranean interior design style. Exposed wooden ceilings are also great for this style of decor. Beige is also another great choice of color for the ceiling. It helps your room feel more spacious.

The positive impact of interior design in our daily lives cannot be discounted. So if you feel that the Mediterranean interior design style is perfect for your home, then you should definitely give it a try! If you’re looking to do that, why not contact Bproperty Interior? Call us at 09612110011 or visit for more information.

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