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Interior design is highly subjective and varies with taste. Not necessarily others will agree with you on something that looks appealing to your eyes only. We live in a world where change is the only thing that is constant. Same goes for interior design. Remember the time when people used to be amazed by the look of a house just because it was decorated with expensive furniture and symmetric wall paint designs? Yes, back in the days, it was a trend but maybe not anymore. Nowadays, less is considered more, don’t you think? Sleek and clean home design can be sophisticated too, and that’s is why minimalist home designs are a trend. What would it take to have such an interior design for your home? Let’s see.

Home Design: Keep Open Spaces

clean interior design
Don’t keep things on table counters and clutter the room, keep it neat and simple

Regardless of how big or small your home is, open space is a must for minimalist home design. Otherwise, a cluttered room will ruin all the effort to make it look great. So, don’t divide the room into sections unless it’s absolutely necessary. Use floor rugs instead and create separate corners. Alternatively, a low cabinet or bookcase will also work fine. Make it look visually aesthetic; that includes the table counters too. Ask yourself what you really need and so clear the rest accordingly.

Windows and Lighting

Minimalist home design lights
More the natural light you have, more aesthetic your room will be

Light is a vital element as it makes a big difference in your design. Let more natural light pour into the room. Large wall to wall glass windows or sliding door balconies is a great source of sunlight. Best found in apartments with great views like Gulshan or Banani apartments. Place furniture in such a manner that serves the purpose. Side by side, augmentation is also necessary. Rich accent lights with thin trailing will add a new texture. Similarly, use focal lights for arts and decorative items and place one or two lamps in the corner by the reading table and feel the change in ambiance.

Neat Wall Colour

wall paint
Try out several pallets first and then choose the right one for the best result

Most of the minimalist home use a neutral color scheme for home. However, don’t hesitate to go with bold colors if it is soothing enough for you. Don’t pick multiple color pallet unless it results in a great combination. Human eyes are quite sensitive to such change. Choose a color in a way that compliments the furniture. Professional help can be useful in such cases if you really want to get it right. Prominent wall paint brands offer such facilities, consider availing them maybe?

Furniture Texture & Design

Be picky while buying furniture cause they make the most difference in a minimalist home

Placing any object that spoils the normal room view will make space automatically congested. As furniture is a crucial element and usually takes up most of the space, you need to concentrate on picking the right ones. Rather buying the boxed shaped sofas, try those with lightweight appearance. Go for the see-through glass-top tables and it won’t add much weight to your eyes. Furniture color is again subjective, but as mentioned before, wall paint and furniture color should have a combination that makes both stand out. Avoid dark colored furniture mostly.  When visiting home decor shops, clearly specify your requirements and ensure you buy the right one for your apartment.

Quality over Quantity

Simple home decorations always compliment a minimalist design
Simple home design always compliment a minimalist design

A decor item with the right quality can easily outstand multiple of the same kind. Be choosy, be picky. For minimalist home decorations, you don’t need much. Save money to buy one thing instead of spending frequently. Splurge on unique collectibles and decorate as per your choice. Place a flower vase on a table or a houseplant for a refreshing touch. Remember, it doesn’t always have to be expensive to get a better quality product. Sometimes keeping it simple works just fine.

Use your own ideas and bring out your inner creativity while decorating the home. Focus on form, color, and texture the most. Planning to move out soon and feeling like designing the way you want? Check out some of the apartments for sale in Dhaka. Enjoy and have fun!

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