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Want to renovate an old bathroom? But wondering how? Then try the following ideas that will work. Adding or removing small techniques and light elements will make your old bathroom look new! But when we try to do something new, we make some mistakes for which we suffer a lot later. Moreover, it is a long-term investment, so we need to carefully design the bathroom layout and take extra care towards some things. Besides, we see this part of the house with a lot of neglect but this part is more important. So those who are thinking of renovating the bathroom of the house should know about these things. Many problems can be avoided if you know about them before building a bathroom. Let’s find out.

Be sure of your needs

The bathroom must have open spaces

Be sure about your needs when creating or designing a bathroom. So, before doing anything or making a decision, ask yourself how you want your bathroom to look? Who else but you will use it? And how much time will you spend there? All these thoughts will help you know what your bathroom will look like. If you keep these issues clear to you in advance before building a bathroom, you can easily avoid many mistakes. In addition, you will get an idea of ​​how expensive bathroom design can be.


When we create or decorate a bathroom, we naturally ignore the aesthetic. Because the bathroom is a neglected place for us. The bathroom can be renovated in a very simple way if you want only by using warm light. Warm light will add aesthetics as well as a feeling of coolness. Lighting has a huge impact on interior design. A variety of lights are now easily available in the market but they can change the bathroom decoration nicely.

Measurement of size

Before choosing anything for the bathroom, you must know the size of the bathroom. Or you can buy something big or small for the bathroom. So before you go to the market or make any plans you must have a clear idea about the measurement of everything in the bathroom. Everything from the commode to the basin should be to a certain size.

The floor

Select light color tiles

Many people avoid thinking about the bathroom floor. They think why should the floor be so important! But this is where many people make mistakes. Statements can be made easily by choosing beautiful and brightly colored floors. Just because it is a bathroom doesn’t mean you have to choose a monotonous floor! The more the floor can be seen, the bigger the bathroom will feel. Natural lighting is best suited for the bathroom. In many bathrooms the windows are small or a little high, in which case there is not much light in the bathroom. In this case, you can use artificial light with natural light.

Take time when choosing tiles

Many people do not want to spend time while choosing bathroom tiles and they choose bathroom tiles without thinking. This should not be done at all. You need to be aware while picking bathroom tiles. You have to choose the right tiles while taking your time. Bathroom tiles should not be slippery. If the bathroom is small, choose light-colored tiles without using dark-colored tiles. Black, dark, blue, or maroon tiles are best to avoid in the bathroom. Soap stains can easily settle on such tiles and are difficult to clean. And the brightness in the bathroom goes down.


Choosing the right mirror for the bathroom will make the bathroom look much bigger and open. You need to choose the mirror according to your bathroom. If you choose a large mirror, the outlook of the bathroom may change. Put a lovely basin and bright mirror at the entrance to the bathroom. There are many decorative mirrors available in the market. If the bathroom is small, putting a mirror on the basin will make the bathroom look bigger.

Shower Space

If the bathroom floor is more visible, the bathroom will look bigger.

It is best to keep the bath area at the very end so that the whole bathroom does not get wet during the bath. You can also use a shower curtain around the bathtub shower tray or shower system. If there is space in the bathroom, you can also install a shower enclosure.


You can use marble or granite on the bathroom basin countertop. Arrange your daily necessities at the basin counter. You can make a cabinet with waterproof material at the bottom of the counter.

Bathroom cabinets

You can put a glass shelf or a cabinet in the corner on the empty wall of the bathroom. You don’t have to use it all the time but you can leave the necessary things here. Such as towels, cosmetics, fast aid, perfume, hairdryer, air freshener, wax, etc.

These are just some tips you can use to set goals while building a bathroom. By keeping these in mind there will be noticeably fewer mistakes and the cost will be much lower while building a bathroom.

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