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Buying a modern apartment is not just about finding a place to live. It is more about security, comfort and your unique lifestyle. Nowadays, buyers like you make more conscious decisions and look for additional benefits other than just a decent looking living space. Hence, property sellers offer set of facilities to attract the new generation of real estate buyers. These again vary from location to location, developers to developers. Such amenities once considered luxury is now considered a necessity. Let’s take a look some of the facilities that you should consider while purchasing an apartment.

Safety & Security Always Comes First

The first thing you should look for in an apartment is the safety measures. An ideal apartment should follow the building code by Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI). Also, there should be enough space around the building for ventilation. Secondly, check the building’s safety plan during emergencies like fire and earthquake. Furthermore, check the balconies and the railing whether they have the required height for you or not. You can always customize that later but better safe than sorry.

Fire Extinguisher for apartment
Modern Apartments Should Have Its Own Fire Extinguisher

Next, ask your seller about the security systems of the building. As a modern apartment, it should come with standard CCTV monitoring along with 24/7 security guards. Additionally, guards should keep records of guests and strangers entering and leaving the building. These are the basics you should consider. Moreover, before you purchase an apartment, walk around the building and the neighborhood. If it satisfies you then you chose the right one.


I am sure you all have come across this meme at some point that says ‘ A home is where WiFi connects automatically’. Now, if you get poor WiFi connection as you had to place the router beside a big wall, you should’ve considered it before. This is just an example. To be a modern apartment, it should be able to cope up with technologies such as power outlets, lighting, entertainment system, electric kitchen appliances etc.

Living room
Living Room In A Modern Apartment

Make Your Privacy A Priority

You wouldn’t want an apartment that violates your privacy, would you? Hence, when you visit the desired flat you want to buy, try to figure out whether the bedrooms are direct to the living room or not, the position of the main gate and the living room etc. Also, rooms should be designed in such a way that your family members can have their own private space.

Additional Facilities You Should BE LookING For

Lastly, a modern looking luxury apartment should be green. If you look in the right place, you will find an apartment building with a green lawn in front. However, you can always have your mini garden indoor or on the rooftop. Also, make sure you have enough rooftop space for occasional BBQ parties or to catch a break in swings.

A nicely decorated Rooftop
A nicely decorated Rooftop

If these are met, then you have found yourself an ideal apartment. If not, we would be glad to help you! Call our office or drop by whenever convenient. Happy apartment hunting!

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