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When home is not within arm’s reach, the next best thing one can hope for is a budget accommodation which will turn into one. To the outside world, hostel living is a short term solution to a traveller’s woes when cutting costs. But in Bangladesh, hostel living is more than just a budget accommodation.  It is a way of life.

In Bangladesh, hostel living is a good option when one considers a second home. With the ever growing population in Bangladesh and Dhaka city becoming more and more crowded every day, the need for quality affordable accommodations is gradually becoming vital. Of the inflow of numbers pouring into the mega city, a large part is made up of students. Students in Dhaka city are increasing day by day, coming in from surrounding and far off districts to avail better educational facilities. Despite the numerous hostels, not all of them are of proper standard. However, in recent years, modern hostel facilities have been popping up to cater to the needs of such students.

These modern hostels are catering to needs with an accumulation of rising standards. Modern facilities with the aspect of proper security have been the request of many hostel dwellers. A modern hostel facility such as Super Hostel Bangladesh, a franchisee which has branches in New York, has been operating in Bangladesh for the past one year. They provide ultra-modern services which are included in all their monthly plans.

Facilities such as these have become an integral part of life in Bangladesh. Traditional hostels in Dhaka have always lacked the proper facilitative care needed to be provided to home seekers. The accommodations were moderately affordable however living standards were quite below par. Issues of security were always a concern given the owners rarely paid attention to detail on such matters. Food was created in-house with the condition that the billing was cut from the rent of the students and for the money that was being paid, it was insufficient.

What Modern Hostels should be like in Dhaka City?

  • They should enable communal living: Dhaka City itself has already become a cluster of community. What students require is a sense of community to make them feel more at home. Close knit communities are a pillar of growth.
  • They should be affordable: What most students and their parents are looking for is affordable care. Renting out apartments could become expensive and students aren’t generally provided a housing rent. As a result, hostels are vital, particularly those with affordable rent that factors in both meals and amenities.
  • They should be accessible: Generally, traditional hostels in Bangladesh are situated nearby educational institutions giving students easy access to transportation. As a result, modern hostels should be situated in locations which make them accessible to educational and social institutions, making it easy for students to maintain a balanced standard of living.
  • They should be secure: As with all hostels or living situations, security is of the utmost concern. Modern hostels should provide a secure environment for dwellers to feel safe in, particularly students who are away from the safety of their homes.

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