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House construction can take months, sometimes years to complete. That is of course if we do it in the traditional way. In traditional house construction, buildings are built in a linear fashion where the project can’t move on to the next phase without completing the preceding steps and the entire construction is carried out on-site. However, in some modern house construction techniques, construction doesn’t necessarily need to be carried out on site. Also, they offer more flexibility when it comes to adding features and saving space. Besides, they are more affordable and offer a much shorter completion time than the traditional method.

Now, whether you are planning to build a residential or a commercial building, exploring other construction options can help you decide what best suits your need. Here are some modern house construction techniques that can be introduced in Bangladesh.


Modular home
Most components of modular homes are prefabricated

This method of fabrication was developed in the early 20th Century and gained popularity in the US after World War II, as the troops coming home from war were in need of affordable housing for their family. Modular homes (not to be confused with mobile homes) are prefabricated homes that are mostly constructed on a factory and later trucked to the site where it is set by a crane. This means it allows different sections of the house to be constructed at the same time. Besides, you can also build each room according to your needs and the builder will add up the finishing touches. Modular homes are one of the modern house construction techniques that offer a variety of design choices and options at different price ranges.


steel frame
The steel frame building technique made the construction of the skyscraper possible

This is a relatively new house construction technique and a movement that was introduced in 1885 while building the world’s first skyscraper. In this technique, a skeleton frame is formed of vertical steel columns and horizontal I-beams. The frame is constructed in a rectangular grid to support the floor, roof, and walls of the building which are all attached to the steel frame.

The prominence of steel in building construction has remained unchanged as the major construction material to build modern structures. And when it comes to steel-framed housing development, there are several ways of implementing steel frame construction depending on the soil’s load-bearing capacity and other must-do tests before construction. The different sections of steel are usually produced offsite and then installed on-site. This method definitely has a lot of advantages especially in a dense city such as Dhaka where practicality is extremely important. For instance, steel has a great tensile strength which means it has a higher strength-to-weight ratio making it almost 30-50% stronger than wood.

On the other hand, deformation in steel takes place in stages. So if any damage occurs, there is plenty of time for occupants to fix it. Moreover, assembling steel sections takes very little time; hence, constructing a building using steel framing is less time-consuming compared to conventional ways of construction.

3D Construction technique

3D home, 3D printed house, 3D printed building
With 3D construction technology, the overall housing problems can be easily tackled

3D construction technology is a form of 3D printing technique where a three-dimensional object is built from a computer-aided design model by successively adding material layers by layers. This is amongst the newest house construction techniques. With this method, construction costs can be drastically reduced as well as the duration of construction compared to traditional construction methods. Using 3D printing, architects will be able to produce designs and structures without any restrictions. Along with affordability, complex designs can be done onsite at a quicker pace. And this is why 3D construction technology can be THE futuristic solution to Bangladesh’s housing construction issues. Since the parts are produced by a precision machine, the amount of waste material is significantly reduced, making this method highly environmentally-friendly.

For thousands of years, we have stuck to traditional methods for constructing houses. As much as we love these time-tested methods that brought the industry where it is today, it is also exciting to see how these modern house construction techniques are prompting us to adopt new concepts and reshape our approach further.


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