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In recent times, studio apartments are gaining more and more popularity. As people are leaning more towards an independent lifestyle, studio apartments are the perfect solution for them. However, designing a studio apartment isn’t as easy as some people think. Designing a studio apartment requires creative and practical thinking. Unlike regular apartments, you don’t have a lot of space to cover.  

Firstly, when you want to design your studio apartment you have to ask yourself what you want from a home. You can do a lot of things in a studio apartment if you design it thoughtfully. 

Do you love cooking and enjoy hosting dinner parties? Then you can focus more on your kitchen and dining area. Do you work or study from home? make sure you have a proper work station. This doesn’t mean that you have to cut back on other areas of your home, but it’s all about what you value most in your apartment and make that your priority. Here are some creative ways you can decorate your studio apartment. 

Use Curtains to Divide Sections: Separating one section from another could be quite challenging in a studio apartment. To create a coherent division within the apartment, using curtains could be a smart option. Make sure to use bright colored curtains like white, off-white, light blue etc. So that it doesn’t make the room look cluttered. Also, avoid using heavy fabrics, instead opt for cotton or silk. 

স্টুডিও অ্যাপার্টমেন্ট

Opt for a Low Bed: Low platform beds not only save space inside the apartment but can also help create the illusion of more height in your studio. Go that extra mile and skip the bed frame altogether by placing your mattress directly on the ground for a serene and cozy vibe. It will give a comfortable feel to the apartment as well as will save you a lot of space. It can also be used as a hang-out spot when your friends come to visit. 


Use Mirrors to Expand the Space: In small spaces like a studio apartment, mirrors are your best friend. They bounce light off of windows, tricking the eye into thinking the space is much brighter and bigger than it actually is. It also helps brighten up the apartment. 

Use Rugs to Create Rooms: A well-placed rug can help create the illusion of a separate space. A small rug under your coffee table or in front of your bed can be an easy way to differentiate one space from another without making it look like a mess. And you don’t necessarily need to splurge a lot to get your desired rugs. You can find plenty of affordable rugs from many online pages. 

স্টুডিও অ্যাপার্টমেন্ট

Use Bold Colors for Furniture: Using bold colors can accentuate the look of your apartment. It will also give the eyes a break from the monotonous flow of the space. An attention grabbing color within the apartment grabs your attention and doesn’t let you notice how small the apartment actually is! 

Overall, your studio apartment is a one-of-a-kind space. We hope you will incorporate these ideas for decorating your studio apartment. These studio apartment decorating ideas are not intended to tell you how to decorate or how to furnish your home. However, living in a studio apartment is all about making the space work for you, and if you follow some of these suggestions, you’ll find your studio apartment to be more spacious and enjoyable.

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