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This year, the month of May seems to be quite eventful since it is also happens to be the month of Ramadan. A lot of fairs and occasions are taking place because of this joyful month-long event. However, another noteworthy event this month is Mother’s day! That one event that is celebrated annually to show appreciation, honor and respect for all mothers and motherly-bonds out there. Read below to learn more about how it started and the things you can do for Mother’s day celebration.

Origin of the day

Mother's day history and overview
Mother’s day history and overview

Before starting off, let’s take a look at the Mother’s day history and overview. The initiative to make this an international holiday was taken up by an American peace activist, Anna Jarvis in 1905, the same year that she lost her mother. The peace activist started to take preparations and support of other people back then when she decided to hold a memorial for her. The memorial was conducted at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia which currently holds the International Mother’s Day Shrine.

Anna Jarvis herself was a well reputed person who used to look after wounded soldiers during the American civil war. She wanted to make it happen so that the celebration takes place in the upcoming years. Anna Jarvis wanted to celebrate all those women’s effort who have done a lot for their family and the society. Now because of her, we get to celebrate all mothers across the world.

Because of her continuous efforts, soon after most of the states in America started to view this day as a local holiday by the year 1911. In 1910, Anna Jarvis’s home state West Virginia, was the first to officially declare the day as a national holiday. In 1914, the then President of the United States declared the second Sunday of May as the official Mother’s day. This is how the occasion came into existence and following the event, many countries now celebrate Mother’s day all around the world.

Celebrating Mother’s Day

Mother's day celebration has been around for hundreds of years in the form of religious events and traditions.
Mother’s day celebration has been around for hundreds of years in the form of religious events and traditions.

Currently, more than 40 countries celebrate Mother’s day worldwide. The event takes place on different days in different nation’s but typically people celebrate it in March or May. We celebrate Mother’s day to observe the significance of a mother in our lives, to acknowledge the efforts of maternal bonds and to give special emphasis to motherly figures all around the world. Mother’s day is related to the celebration of similar events like Father’s day, Children’s Day, Siblings Day and Women’s Day.

Things you can do on Mother’s Day

Book your mother a weekend trip for Mother's day celebration
Book your mother a weekend trip for Mother’s day celebration

There are many things you can do to make this extra special for your mother. One of the things I personally did was relieve my mother of all her duties (and was she happy!). How many of us get immediately into a bad mood when we walk into a messy home after doing long hours at the office? All of us! At least for a day, do the things that would otherwise need your mother’s attention and give her a day off from her duties.

Sometimes making a nice home cooked meal will make her happy, too. On many occasions, I noticed that taking your mother out for a date works just fine. No matter what you do, chances are they will always remember the gestures. Enjoy a brunch together, get them a thoughtful gift, deliver a sweet message along with a bouquet of flowers! The possibilities are endless.

However, if you are thinking of spending quality time, book a spa day or get manicures together. All of us need a break from our daily lives once in a while, so for her, make that happen. Get her a weekend getaway trip so that she can enjoy some much needed quiet time; but most importantly, let her know that you appreciate whatever she has done for you over the years.

What do you plan on doing for Mother’s day celebration? Let us know in the comment section below!

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