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The mere idea of shifting your house can put you under duress, and it looms as a threat above your head. However, with careful planning and organization, you can minimize stress and not be intimidated by the idea. The following checklist will act as a guide through your entire moving process:

2 Months before:

  • Categorize and purge: Go through each and every single room of your house and decide what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. Moreover, note all properties that require special packaging or extra insurance coverage.
  • Inform your landlord: Your landlord needs to know in advance that you are shifting.
  • Moving binder: Create a moving binder and keep track of all your estimates, bill payments and an inventory of all the items that you are moving.
  • Research moving options: Search for the rates of different movers in town such and pin down that which suits you best.

6 Weeks before:

  • Order packaging materials: Start collecting cartons, bubble wraps, brown tapes, and permanent markers.
  • Pack unnecessary items: Start packing unnecessary items around the house which are not used much and clearly label all the boxes.
  • Use things: Begin using things that you do not intend to take along, such as frozen or perishable food and toiletries.
  • Measurements: Print the floor plan of your new home and measure your furniture to see how it will fit through the door and how you will decorate it.

2 Weeks Before:

  • Pack Non-Essential Things: such as books and off-season clothes and label them properly along with the room number where you would place them in your new house.
  • Include Children: Make them a part of the packing process and if they are too small, leave them at their grandparent’s so you can pack in peace.
  • Moving with a pet: If you are shifting with a pet, make sure that you have made the required changes and arrange for their travel.

1 Week before:

  • Transfer bank accounts: Close bank accounts if you are switching banks and order checks with your new address.
  • Change of address: Send out a change of address to all friends, family, and relatives.
  • De-Frost the Freezer: If you are taking your freezer along, make sure you have emptied, cleaned and defrosted it.
  • Gather important documents: Do not pack important documents such as NIC, Check Book etc. and carry them with you during your move.
  • Return items: such as movies, books etc. that do not belong to you.
  • Finish packing: Get done with all your packing and pack yourself a suitcase with a few days’ worths of clothing, toiletries and any valuables that belong to you.

Moving Day:

  • Monitor movers: Keep an eye on them as they move your belongings.
  • Turn off: lights, lock windows and doors
  • Scout the house: Look in every nook and cranny and make sure that you have not left anything behind.
  • Petty cash: Keep some cash with you to pay as tips to the movers
  • “Empty first-day box”: Fill it with the most important things you need for the first day such as toiletries, cups, dishes etc.

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