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Moving to a new city for studying can be a challenge because not only do you have to adapt to the new situation, you also have to maintain your curriculum while adjusting to the unfamiliar environment. But the biggest challenge can be maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So, how do you manage all this while maintaining a balanced lifestyle? Let me tell you a secret, start with decorating

your living space. As a student, the chances are,  you are either living in a dorm or sharing a space with a roommate or two. No matter whichever it is, in most cases, the living space won’t be much roomy. So to make the place tidier, room management is the real key.

Decorating a compact space is challenging, especially when you are sleeping, studying, entertaining, and relaxing in the same space. 

Decorating ideas pertaining to a dorm room or a similar space used to be limited to nothing more than just a few posters, chairs, shelves, and bed before. But today, for students who are tech-savvy and design-savvy, a well-decorated living space can now be a part of their lifestyle.

In this article, we will discuss some of the ideas on how you can decorate your living space.

Lift or Loft Your Bed to Make More Space

Lofting your bed can give you an extra bit of space to place other things

If you think about it, beds occupy the most space in a room and the situation can get much worse in a small space. One way that you can solve this problem is by lofting the bed. In most cases, the ceiling would be high enough to allow you to do that. Taking advantage of the high ceiling will give you endless possibilities. You will be able to use the newfound space and make a comfy lounging area or a workstation with desk and storage. 

But if lofting your bed is not possible, then lift it. Even though you won’t be able to set up a desk or create a lounging area under it, it will give you enough space to store other things. Considering you are living in one room, those extra inches of space can definitely give you an advantage.

Go Multi-functional

multifuntional furniture
One of the smart ways to save space is to use multifuntional furniture

One of the smartest ways to decorate your small space is to go multi-functional. Depending on your needs, multi-functional furniture can serve you in a lot of different ways. For example, a multifunctional tool with the flexibility of being used as a table, a seat or an ottoman is three times better than having three separate furniture.

In a similar fashion, if you have a dresser, you can make the top of your dresser into a vanity. That way, your small space will look tidier and more user-friendly. So, why not ask more of your furniture?

Contain Your Clutter

Tray for clutter
Use the aid of boxes, trays, and bins to organize your mess

Always organize your belongings because nothing shrinks a space more than a mess. Keeping the clutter contained will not only make the space roomier but also make it more accessible. Enlist the aid of bins, boxes, buskets, and trays to store your clutter.

Storage spaces will add more functionality to the room without detracting from the design of your space. You can take advantage of unused space by hanging things on the wall. And one more thing- utilize the space under your bed and desk as well.

Temporary Wallpapers

Temporary wallpaper
Use decals on your walls to make your room look more exciting

If you are living in a dorm or a shared space, chances are you are maintaining or adhering to a specific set of rules. Most probably you are not allowed to paint or nail things to the wall. But that does not mean you have to spend your student years looking at boring walls. There are plenty of options to decorate your wall with temporary wallpaper or wall art which you can remove easily.

There are a variety of temporary wall decals that come with different shapes, colors, and sizes. But if you can’t find anything to your liking then make something by yourself using washi tape; clip Instagram pics on a clothesline.

Customize, Customize and Customize

Customize self
Go creative, make things out of residuals

There are no specific rules that you have to follow when decorating your living space. Sometimes it is better to go with your intuition. Do whatever you want to do with the place. Customize whatever you want, however you want; as long as it soothes your taste. For example, you can get a little bit creative and create a shelf out of simple wooden boards. You can also poke holes to your lampshades to make it project a variety of patterns.

There are plenty of ways you can get creative and make your living space more exciting. Just because you are far from home and living in a dorm or sharing a space with your roomies doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the place to your liking. Incorporate your ideas with the decoration so that it can reflect your lifestyle in a more meaningful, organized, and healthier way.

So how will you decorate your living space? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. We would love to hear them.

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