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Moving into a new home always brings pleasure, excitement, as well as lots of responsibilities. After finding your desired home, it is better to move as early as possible. But it is not an easy task to do. Before moving, at least have a good look around the area so that you know exactly where you can find important shops and places, such as the pharmacy, medical chamber, grocery shops and a school. Several other preparations can make moving a lot easier, follow these tips and you will feel at home in your new house and neighbourhood in no time!

Packing = Organizing

Packing is the most elementary thing while moving into a new home. Start packing as soon as the date has been fixed. Mark different cartons (boxes) with clear labels so that you can find everything easily. Use hand gloves and masks to avoid dust.

Along with the cartons make sure the packing tape, scissors, bubble binding, zip tie bags, and marker pens are also ready. If possible prepare an emergency box that includes an anti-cutter, scissors, towels, hand wash, toilet paper, bin bags, cutlery, kettle, plates and some mugs, tea, coffee, milk, sugar, hot water flask, primary medical kits, etc. Also for your convenience, make a checklist. It will help you to keep track of your packing & help you with planning. No last-minute chores!

Nothing like a sparkling clean home

Clean your new home using antiseptics so that no germs remain in the house. Also make sure all the places are clean where the furniture will be placed or else it will be difficult to move the furniture once you place them. Clean all the windows and gardens (if you have any) to get rid of insects and dusts.

Move in before you move in

Shifting furniture is not an easy task. It is better if you move the furniture at least 2 days before the final move so that you can arrange the home properly. Try to arrange a pickup van earlier. Pickups are safer to move the furniture. It is necessary to cover the furniture by a cloth or bubble wrap; especially ones made of glass. Fix where to place the furniture before shifting so that you know what to keep where when the furniture arrives.

Freshen up!

Before moving into a new home, freshen the house up and paint all the walls and ceilings. Complete wall fixings before painting if necessary and also choose a colour that makes the home brighter.

Safe & Sound

Complete all the fixings before moving to the new home. Make sure the locks are good, or else change them! Check the pipes, toilets, kitchen sink, cabinet, window locks, electric ports, gas or stove connections etc. whether all of these are good enough or damaged. If you complete all the fixings and replacing before moving to the new home, it will give you a sense of release.

Update before it is too late

After moving make sure to update your new address at banks, the office and other important places so that you don’t miss any essential document sent to your old home. It is one of the most important tasks that you should include to your checklist.


The most difficult task yet to be done is unpacking. After arranging all the furniture, all you need to do is place your things accordingly. Now the checklist will help. Start one by one and choose which room you need to arrange first. Take the boxes with labels and start. Make sure you have your family and friends’ support while unpacking. Take your time and rest or else the continuous work might make you sick. After completion, cross check things and try to remember whether any important things are missing or left to your old home.

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