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Regardless you are rushing to your office or simply want to spend some quality time with your friends, coffee is one companion you cannot think your day without, right? Besides, who doesn’t like coffee? There’s a saying – ‘ A Hug In A Mug’ and grabbing a mug coffee improves your mood almost instantly. In short, coffee is not a luxury anymore, it is becoming a necessity for city dwellers. That’s why there are coffee shops on almost every busy corners you can find. If you are a coffee addict, you can try all of them if you want. However, there are few coffee shops in Dhaka city that are worth trying if you are not a coffee lover. Let’s get down to the list and find the nearest one in your neighborhood.

Best of Dhanmondi Neighborhood – Crimson Cup Bangladesh

Crimson cup Coffee and Community at Dhanmondi neighborhood in Dhaka
Crimson Cup Coffee and Community at Dhanmondi

Located in the heart of Dhanmondi road 27, Crimson cup is one of the most popular coffee shops in the neighborhood. They are one of the few authentic and international coffee roasters in town. Moreover, they have a cozy living-room-like atmosphere that will let you sip your coffee in peace. Also, they have a balanced variety of coffee choices, available in both hot and frozen options. While serving the coffee, you will be asked to tell your name so their staff can write it on the glass. Different isn’t it? So, if you’re living in Dhanmondi, drop by sometimes.

Gulshan – North End Coffee Roasters

Coffee Shop - North End Coffee Roasters at Gulshan
Northend Coffee Roasters at Lotus Kamal Tower Two, Gulshan

Another popular international chain in Bangladesh is the North End Coffee shop. If you live near Gulshan – 1 or Gulshan Avenue, this is the must-try coffee shop in your area. They have their shops in Gulshan circle 1 and just a little further, Cityscape Tower, Gulshan Avenue. Their coffee is rather unique and has a different blend than others. You will smell the aroma as soon as you enter the shop. Furthermore, they have a nice ambiance as well where you can dine in and enjoy your coffee with the community or have takeaways.

Northend Coffee Roasters in Gulshan
Northend Coffee Roasters at Cityscape Tower, Gulshan

Gulshan – Tabaq Coffee

Tabaq's outlet at Crystal Palace, Gulshan
Tabaq’s outlet at Crystal Palace, Gulshan

Among the potent international competitors, they are one of the few coffee shop founded by locals. Proud to say, they could give the coffee pioneers a tough competition by providing quality coffee and foods. Other than regular coffees, one of their most popular items is the sandwiches. Compared to others, Tabaq offers one of the best-roasted beef and chicken sandwiches. This place is widely popular among Gulshan residents as it’s situated in Crystal Palace building. Also, as Gulshan is filled with corporate offices, this place is greatly cherished by the officials nearby. Pay a visit if you are nearby!

Nerdy Bean Coffee Haus – Dhanmondi Road 2

Nerdy Bean Coffee Haus at Dhanmondi
Nerdy Bean Coffee Haus’s outlet at Dhanmondi

A recent addition in the coffee realm is the Nerdy Bean Coffee Haus. Yes, they spell “house” this way. One of the reasons why you should visit this place is because of the books and to experience one of a kind interior design. You can simply order a coffee and forget about the world as you sip and turn a page of your favorite book. Residents living in the community, Nerdy Bean is the place where you must visit for a coffee. As they are new in business, they are operating in this outlet only.

Nerdy Bean Coffee Haus's coffee counter
Attending customers at Nerdy Bean Coffee Haus

Let us know your experience and the one you liked the most among these popular coffee shops of Dhaka city. Hope you enjoy your time!

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