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The role of women in our society is diverse – they are daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers. Half a decade or so ago, these would be their only duties. But today, they are also professors, directors, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. Maintaining a proper balance between this duality of role – personal and professional – can be a struggle and not everyone can find the right harmony, especially when there is still a prevailing perception against women empowerment. On the latest edition of Bproperty Bites, we sat down with Ms. Nazma Ameen, someone who was able to break through the traditional perceptions and achieved success in both personal and professional life. She is a well-respected presenter, producer, and backstage figure all the while raising children who have shined in their respected fields. So let’s take a moment and learn how all of it was possible.

A Bleak Outlook

Like many women in our country, Ms. Nazma Ameen had been married off quite early in her life. As a child, she dreamed of studying and making something out of herself. But her parents wanted her to get married and so she did, right after school while in college. As was the norm back then, she thought that would be the end of her journey as a scholar and building a career was something impossible. However, that was not the case – her in-laws had something different in mind.

Finding Support

nazma ameen face
She is very grateful to her in-laws for support

During this particular segment of conversation with Bproperty Bites, Ms. Nazma Ameen could not help but grin as she remembered the delightful days of conjugal life. Both her husband and her mother-in-law were staunch supporters for her education, even when she herself didn’t feel like it. There were even times when Ms. Ameen’s husband took the responsibilities of tutoring her new wife. They convinced her about the importance of education and how this would pay a dividend in her life’s journey. As a result of receiving such support, she was able to further her studies, even after having children. One of her sisters-in-law in specific had an immense contribution to helping her take care of her children while she pursued her education.

A Late Start

Once her children were a little bit grown up, she felt the need to utilize her schooling and start building her career as a way to support her children’s future. Her first job was at an NGO. She recalled in Bproperty Bites the overwhelming joy she and her family felt holding the appointment letter in her hand for the first time. However, the untimely death of Ms. Ameen’s husband was a massive blow. But her continued support from her in-laws curtailed some of the effects as they helped her balance both of her worlds – personal and professional.

Life’s Successes

photo of nazma ameen children
Ms. Nazma Ameen has a strong connection with her children

Ms. Nazma Ameen is considered a beloved backstage figure in the media world. She continues to serve as a producer for the ATN News channel. But when the Bpropery Bites team asked her what she considers as successes in her life, she mentioned her children. Raising children all the while maintaining a demanding career is difficult even in this day and age, let alone in the past decades. But she, thanks to boundless support from her family and inner drive, was able to find a balance between raising family and building career. Helping her children be successful in their own right has been her greatest achievement in life and she feels pride every day because of it.

A Different Landscape

Unlike the gone by eras, the modern culture and landscape are a bit more favorable for women in the workplace. Many more women are now encouraged than ever before. They are becoming business leaders, innovators, and trendsetters. Parents of today understand the value of education and a career. But as Ms. Nazma Ameen mentioned, family support is still quite important. All she achieved in her life would not be possible without the support she received every step of the way. She sees a future that is more hopeful than the one she faced early on and feels optimistic.

Women like Ms. Nazma Ameen are motivating millions of others every day. There are countless similar unsung stories in this nation. All the amazing women have overcome the chains of a yesteryear society and now teach others to never lose hope and be ambitious because the future can be as bright as they wish.

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