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It is not just your exercise regime that needs overhauling for the new year. Our five property-themed resolutions will help you turn your house into a dream home. So make 2014 the year you resolve to…

Get organized

It’s time to declutter so you can start the year with a clean slate. Throw out the stacks of old magazines that are taking up valuable shelf space and donate any clothes you never wear to charity. After a major clean up, think of creative storage solutions to help you maintain your new, clutter-free state.


Need a new fence but money is tight? Always wanted a feature wall in your bedroom? Then it’s the perfect time to work on those do-it-yourself skills. Start small with some DIY decorating – such as setting up a picture wall or giving the living room a new coat of paint – and work your way up to bigger projects.

Take up a hobby

Or in other words, renovate. If you have a bit more money to play with, planning a major renovation could be enough to keep you occupied well into 2015. Have a clear idea of your goals and priorities to make the renovation process run smoothly.

Be creative

Pledge to spend the year learning to decorate your home like a pro. Get hooked on interior design blogs, order vintage furniture online and find your inner Martha Stewart. Have fun with a few styles and play around with different looks for your home.

Go green

Being environmentally friendly at home means much more than just recycling. A few simple steps are all you need to be a true eco-warrior. To get started, try setting up your own backyard vegetable garden or switch to energy saving lights such as compact fluorescent lamps.

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