With each day, the number of people around the world continues to increase, and the basic human needs become rarer. Millions of people today are still deprived of proper modern housing. As the population keeps rising, so does the demand for housing. People are discarding the old designs and ways to construct homes and look to new, advanced technologies for solutions. 3d Printed homes are such advanced technology.

Our basic need for housing stands just after food and clothes in the hierarchy. That is why many experts have been working for a long time to make quality housing more affordable. To many such experts, building 3D printed homes can be the solution to this problem.

Why 3D Printed Homes?

3d printing technology
A potential solution to the ever-growing housing need

The shortage of high-quality homes can be attributed to a lot of things. However, some of the first things on that list is definitely the time and cost needed to build a home. You can also add a low investment return along with these two as well. 3D printed homes can be a great solution for all these problems.

The bookish name of 3D printing is ‘Stereolithography’. It was invented by a man named Chuck Hall in 1980. The biggest benefit of this technology is that it creates a product in several layers at lightning speed. As such, it has revolutionized and modernized every industry it has been associated with. And even though 3D printing technology is still relatively new and is going through many changes & revisions, its importance in a different industry is growing day by day.

The reason being, no matter which industry it is being used in, this three-dimensional printing technology is reducing both the average cost and time. Something that used to take a week or even a month to make before now be made in just a few hours or a day. The cost can be reduced by half if we can start the product on an industrial level.

It began with some very simple things; today we can build even homes and cars with 3D printing. Biologists are even trying to make artificial limbs using 3D printing.

Real Estate and 3D Printing Technology

3D printed home
The modern real estate and housing industry has already started using 3D printing technology

3D printing technology has made quite a noise in the international real estate market. Let’s take the French magazine Realtor’s report for example. According to the report, a French family will soon be moving to a home that was completely built using a 3D printer. This four bedroom, 1,022 sq. ft. the home was built thanks to the collaboration of the city council, a housing society, and the local university. The funny thing is, it took 54 hours to print out the entire home using the 3D printer, whereas the doors, windows, and the roof took a month to finish the traditional way. Even after that, the 3D printed home cost 20% less than other homes. Interested readers can take a look at this BBC report for the full story.

And it’s not just France, modern countries like the Netherlands, USA, and Russia is taking steps to build houses using this 3D printing technology.  The Eindhoven University in the Netherlands has taken up a five-year project to build a large scale 3D printed housing complex. This complex will have bungalows ranging from one storey to multiple storeys. People will be able to buy or rent these homes.

On the other side, the USA and Russia have decided to venture together to build such 3D printed homes. The American construction company Sunconomy and the Russian 3D printing company Appease Corporation have planned together to build a complete home in just a day. There is also a US American startup, Icon, who is promising to build an 800 sq. ft. home in less than 24 hours costing just 4,000 US dollars. This would take more than 6 months to build when using the traditional method.

An Eye on the Future

A 3D printed home
Digital blueprints are used to make real-life versions of products

So low building cost, and in such a short time at that? 3D printed homes might possibly be the key to solving future housing problems. 3D printed homes can be the perfect solutions to quickly growing cities or areas that facing a crisis. Many of the pioneering companies in this sector are thinking about building homes for people in need. So it can be said that 3D printed homes are going to be a trend in the coming days. And surely this is no longer just a thing of our imagination, but a reality.

Stay with Bproperty Blog to read our next article on 3D printed homes, where we’ll discuss the pros and cons. What’s your opinion on 3D printed homes? Will you live in a 3D printed home if there’s an opportunity? Let us know in the comments section below.

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