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The definition of an ideal place can be many things. We can say a place is ideal for a living if it holds certain amenities that immensely signifies the lifestyle of its denizens. In that regard, Nikunja, a place meticulously planned for ideal living, hits all the aspects of a place ideal for settling in.

Nikunja is situated in the North of Dhaka so naturally, all the benefits of living in North Dhaka also apply to Nikunja. Unlike the area’s Southern counterparts, where people prefer to live in that area because of its accessibility and proximity to the economic zones, one of the reasons people choose Nikunja is for its living facilities and tranquility. 

Today we will discuss 6 major reasons why Nikunja is an ideal place and why you should consider moving there.

Housing Cost

Housing cost
housing costs are reasonable in Nikunja

When someone considers moving to a new place, the issue that arises first is the housing cost. Whether you are buying properties or renting a home, the cost is one of the major deciding factors. The housing cost in Nikunja is reasonable compared to other neighborhoods and housing societies of similar kinds.

The most commendable thing about this area is that you will find all types of houses here. Whether it is a high-end apartment or a house for the middle-classes; you can find the one that best suits your needs.

That said, Nikunja is divided into two parts, Nikunja-1 and Nikunja-2. While Nikunja-1 is more oriented towards residential purposes, Nikunja-2 is for both business and living. The housing cost is also different. Since Nikunja-1 is a residential zone, the facilities and amenities around the residences are top-notch. That is why the prices of apartments there are also a bit on the higher side. That goes both for buying and renting an apartment in Nikunja.

Educational Institutions

RAJUK School & College, a prominent educational Institututions in Dhaka
RAJUK School & College, a prominent educational Institutes in Uttara

For families with children, moving to an area with prestigious educational institutions is another prominent deciding factor. While Nikunja doesn’t have such prestigious institutions within its perimeter, it is quite close to some of the major ones. Two of the country’s most prominent English medium schools, Scholastica and Mastermind, are just within 15 min drive from Nikunja.

Arguably, the country’s most prestigious educational institution, Rajuk Uttara Model School and College, is located in Uttara sector 6, is also not very far. Not only that, North South University (NSU), Independent University, and American International University (AIUB) are also nearby. So living in Nikunja will give residents a great access to some of the country’s most notable institutions along with an unprecedented lifestyle. 

Proximity to AIrport and Other Getaway Terminals

Cityscape view of Nikunja
Access to airport and neighborhoods like Baridhara and Uttara

The city’s only international gateway, the Shahjalal International Airport, is just next to Nikunja. So naturally, the surrounding areas are always fully packed. But thanks to the excellent highway infrastructure and management system, Nikunja is the least traffic-prone area in Dhaka. And not just the airport, other notable terminals near Nikunja include the Airport railway station as well as several bus stops for public transportation.

So, if you want to head out, be it inside the country or outside, living in Nikunja will let you do that with ease.

High-end Hotels

le meridien hotel dhaka
It is the closest hotel to Shahjalal International Airport

Nikunja is most famous for accommodating some of the country’s most luxurious hotels. Imagine this, on one fine holiday, you decide to experience the most luxurious accommodation facilities Dhaka has to offer and to have dinner in a five-star hotel. So, you got out of your home and started walking down the alleyway and within a few minutes, you arrived at Le Méridien or Regency, two of the eight 5-star facilities in Dhaka. Zero travel hassle.

Check out our youtube playlist on high-end hotels here.

These two hotels are near to each other and offer an array of world-class services, accommodation facilities, delectable cuisines, and so on. Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden, another prominent 5-star hotel in Dhaka, is also very close to Nikunja.

The prominence of any area depends on the infrastructures that have been built within and around it over the years. In that sense, Nikunja is very high on the list.

Destination Shopping

Jamuna Future Park
Jamuna Future Park is so big that navigating the shopping mall can be confusing

Other than some scattered shops and one multistoried market beside the Regency Hotel, there are no notable shopping centers in Nikunja. However, you don’t have to go far to have an excellent shopping experience. Jamuna Future Park, one of the country’s biggest shopping malls, is approximately 20 min away from Nikunja. You will find everything there, starting from a hair clip to branded clothing.

Another area that is abundant in branded shops is Uttara which located just within 6 km of Nikunja. And for household commodities, you will find ample shops around Nikunja. Other markets including a vegetable market, a fish market, and the meat market; all of which are in close proximity.

A Place to Breathe Fresh Air

wide view of the residential area in Nikunja
Peaceful living awaits in Nikunja along with placid lifestyle

Nikunja is one of Dhaka’s most tranquil places. Free from excessive pollution and all the deafening traffic noises, living in Nikunja can help you attain nirvana. Thanks to being located beside the cantonment area, Nikunja is blessed with some of the most finely planned infrastructures of the city. That is why everything around the place is neat and clean.

There are more than enough reasons to move to Nikunja. To keep the list short we have presented the most prominent ones. So if you are looking for a place to settle in and grow old, Nikunja should rank high up on that list.

So what is your reason to move to Nikunja? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below.

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