Being one of the most frenetic cities of the world, Dhaka is the cultural and economic hub of the country. Old Dhaka, commonly referred to as Puran Dhaka, is the old part of the city and home to a broad range of architectural heritage dating back to the Mughal Empire or the British Colonial rule. Being a thriving part of the city with colorful chaos, Old Dhaka offers Dhaka dwellers an array of foods. These delicacies are extremely well-known and even pull people from other parts of the city for a taste.

Here are 10 famous places of Old Dhaka offering traditional food items:

Kolkata Kacchi Ghor

With its various spices and tender meat, Kacchi Biriyani creates an alluring aroma and taste like no other. Keeping its popularity intact since the Mughal era, this classic Biriyani has continued winning hearts ever since. Located in Abul Hasnat Road, Kolkata Kacchi Ghor is renowned for its Kacchi BiriyaniPesta Badamer Shorbot and Jali Kabab.

Haji Biriyani  

This place too has a huge impact on the Biriyani dishes in Puran Dhaka, with its use of highly seasoned rice and meat. Although there are numerous biriyani places including the name ‘Haji’ in their titles, the authentic outlet is in Old Dhaka with real branches only in Mothijeel and Bashundhara R/A. ‘Pata Biriyani’ is one of the most popular items here, which brings people even from the glitzy upper-class neighborhoods of Dhaka to these crowded towns of Old Dhaka.

Hotel Al-Rajjak

Located in Bongshal of Old Dhaka, this place is famous for Kacchi and Morog Polaw which have a widespread fan-following with visitors ordering them frequently. “Glassy Beef” is another extremely popular item you wouldn’t want to miss out, which got its name from the thick layer of oil sitting on top of the tender, juicy beef, giving it a ‘glassy’ appearance.

Bismillah Kabab

Mouthwatering kebabs are a delicacy that make Old Dhaka famous. Bismillah Kabab, located at Nazira Bazar, provides unrivaled tastes of chicken, mutton and beef kebabs in Dhaka.

Nirob Hotel

Offering over 20 types of ‘bhorta’ at lunch and dinner and with an arrangement of biriyani, khichuri or meat items, this place located at Nazimuddin Road is one of the most popular eateries in Old Dhaka.

Royal Restaurant

Commonly having its name pop up in Foodbank, this place is famous for its Pesta or Jafran badamer shorbot. Additionally, the Biriyani, Kashmiri naan and chicken tikka are also must try items here.

Beauty Lassi

The place for drinks like lebur sherbet, doi or beet lassi and faluda. These drinks not only quench your thirst but also leave behind a taste making you crave for more.

Nurani Shorbot

Another popular drink of Old Dhaka is the Nurani cold drink, a lassi found at Nurani Shorbot located at Chowk Bazar. With its refreshing taste, it is a must-try!

Mohonchad Misty Vandar

With its mouthwatering sweets, bundia and its specialty of sweet curd, this place in Old Dhaka is tremendously popular.

Chawk bazar

Shahi Jilapis which are extra twisted and juicier than normal ones are found here. ‘Boro Baper Polay Khay’ is another specialty, made with minced meat, eggs, potatoes, puffed rice and various spices. With the inclusion of these items in the menu, Chawk bazar has become a renowned Iftar-shopping place for Dhaka dwellers during Ramadan.

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