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Modern technology is great, we can access information at our fingertips, and information is power. But in many ways we have lost the beauty of working with our hands to create items of beauty. These skills are dying out.

Of course I can appreciate 3D technology and how with project files an exact replica of an intricate object can be made, but can anything be compared to taking a tree and with traditional joinery methods and some basic tools, seeing that transform into a wooden greenhouse.

If you have ever wondered how to build your own greenhouse, or build anything with hand tools you will appreciate a master craft at play. The founder of John Neeman Tools in Latvia has created a short film that any budding wood craftsman will appreciate.

The film, which is 24 minutes long, takes an in depth look at this uncommon art of handcrafting from wood. The convenience and power that power tools provide has made this art form less and less common.

“I have fulfilled my vision to a build natural, ecological house with high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, sustainable, using local materials such as – wood, stone, old and new clay bricks, moss, linen fiber, clay, water, lime, wheat flour, salt and wood shavings.” – Jacob, carpenter, craftsman and founder of John Neeman Tools.

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