Whether we realize it or not, real estate plays a big role in everyone’s life. Our lives are intertwined with home, property, and real estate. Having a home is essential, and owning one is a dream of almost everyone. And to help that dream come true, as well as to make it convenient and easy, Bproperty has been providing their one-stop solution to consumers since 2016. However, if you are still unclear about some aspects of Bproperty and what services you can expect from us, this is your chance to learn a bit more about the largest real estate marketplace in Bangladesh.

What is Bproperty?

Let’s begin with a simple question, the first thing that most wonder, ‘what is Bproperty?’ Well, in a single sentence, Bproperty is the largest real estate marketplace in Bangladesh that provides property-related support and services that cater to landlords and tenants as well as buyers and sellers to make property transactions convenient and easy. If you are having difficulty understanding what all of it means, don’t worry. Let’s break it down a bit.

Bproperty is a real estate solution service provider; which means, people can visit or contact Bproperty for any type of property-related queries, needs, and services. For example, if you are looking to buy a flat in a particular area in Dhaka, simply contact Bproperty and we will provide you all necessary support, from finding a home to finalizing the deal. And we have such services for buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants; all of which are specifically made for each type of client’s requirements and needs. These services are provided through both online and offline means.

We currently have full operations in Dhaka and Chattogram, with limited operations in many other areas of the country. While our website – www.bproperty.com – is the main interface that holds our immense property database, our marketplaces, and the property & legal advisors provide offline as well as hands-on support.

Our Services

Bproperty services
Your property solution

Speaking of services; do you know about all the services Bproperty provides? Did you know that we cater to both residential and commercial real estate needs? Well, you probably know already, but let’s go through them once again just to be sure!

For Buyers and Sellers:

Bproperty started its journey by providing real estate solutions for buyers and sellers. As mentioned, this service extends to both residential and commercial properties as well as land.

Using Bproperty, you can begin your buyer’s journey by searching for a place that matches your needs from the comfort of your seat. Even if you can’t locate a property that meets your demand, simply contact Bproperty with your requirements. From there, our property advisors will find a property as per your need and arrange property viewing, property verification, help negotiate and finalize the paperwork. Oh! All of it, of course, is completely free.

As for sellers, your seller’s journey can begin by listing your property on Bproperty website or contacting our customer service. Our experts will then visit your property to take detailed information as well as your desired selling preferences. You won’t have to worry about a single thing throughout the process as we will shoulder all responsibilities to sell your property.

Rental Services:

This is our most recent addition to real estate services. Renting is a major part of real estate, and there’s simply no way Bproperty couldn’t introduce services to help rent and rent out properties in Bangladesh.

Bproperty is revolutionizing the traditional way of finding rental properties in Bangladesh. People no longer need to wander the streets looking for ‘to-let’ signs to find a home. They can avail Bproperty’s completely free rental services and find the perfect home in a short time. By either choosing one of the thousands of flats from our database or contacting us, a tenant can find their desired home and get legal support for the tenancy agreement.

For landlords, letting or renting out no longer takes months. Bproperty quickly finds your preferred type of tenant and help you vet them, so you don’t have to worry about a ‘bad tenant’ when you have Bproperty. And not just that, we will also help you draw up all the necessary paperwork too.

Additional Services:

Along with the specially catered services for different types of clients, there are few Free Services that Bproperty provides to everyone.

Property Verification: Whenever we deal with a property, we send in our experts to check and verify the quality and integrity of the property, be it for the seller, buyer, tenant, or landlord. As such, you can be sure that every property that comes through Bproperty is of the highest caliber.

Legal Support: Legal papers and items are the most difficult and complex aspect of real estate transactions. Our in-house veteran legal experts are always on call to check all paperwork as well as help you understand legal clause and draw up new documents.

Financial counsel: Buying a property is a big investment, and sometimes you require a little financial assistance. Several major banks and financial institutions of Bangladesh have agreements with Bproperty to provide our clients with special rates when taking a loan to make buying property easier and affordable.

Why Bproperty?

It is quite understandable to be a little skeptical and ask why you should go to Bproperty. After all, past real estate experience hasn’t been all that ‘positive’ due to real estate scams and scammers. To ensure that people can trust in real estate transaction again, Bproperty maintains complete transparency with the client. You, be it a buyer, seller, tenant, or landlord, will always be aware and be in charge of every action and aspect. There will be no step forward without your acknowledgment and verification.

Aside from trust, you will enjoy a new level of convenience that wasn’t present in Bangladesh ever before. From finding property or tenant/buyer to arranging viewings, vetting, and finalizing, Bproperty will be with you every step of the way. This also saves you time and hassle of going the traditional route of real estate transaction.

Lastly, Bproperty is the pioneer of Prop-Tech in Bangladesh, bringing technological revolution to property and real estate. You can now get a detailed view of properties from anywhere and anytime through our virtual tours, video tours, and high-quality photos & floor designs.

Finding a place that you can call home is precious, and Bproperty wants to help people experience it. Since our beginning, we have worked to provide real estate solutions to all, and as time rolls on, we will continue to do so.

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