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Depending on the situation you are in, there might be plenty of reasons why you might want to set up an office in your home. For some people it is just more convenient to work from home, for others though, it might be a rational cause. For instance, you may live far away from your office or you really don’t want to lose 2-3 hours from your day getting stuck in city traffic. Sometimes the reason might be unusual and becomes a necessity such as during a disease outbreak, curfew or other emergencies.

However, whatever the reason might be, if you find yourself locked down for a long period of time or just looking to get an office at home, this is the article for you. 

Designing a home office might be right up your alley but how are you planning to turn it into a productive workplace? After all, you will be working from home and chances are it will be a challenge to stay focused. So if you are yet to figure out office set-ups, here are some ingenious and resourceful ways you can ensure maximum productivity at home office.

Minimal Distraction & Sufficient Space

cosy office design
A quiet place is the first thing you need to increase home office productivity

It goes without saying that a home office needs to be in a secluded place; away from all the distractions of home. At the same time, it doesn’t have to be boring. Hence, choose a place that is well ventilated and try adding greenery to the decor to add a refreshing vibe. Also, give importance to the color of your space as colors play a vital role in mood and productivity. Therefore, choose a soothing color palette that makes you comfortable.

Constantly moving in or out of the office room can also disrupt your workflow. What’s the point of having a cozy office space if it doesn’t contain things you need? Hence, while sketching office decor ideas, figure out your exact needs, plan meticulously to keep the most important things in reach and then implement them.


Ensure proper lighting
Ensuring proper lighting of your home office can play a crucial role in changing your mood

There are studies that indicate proper lighting levels and fixtures that simulate daylight can improve your productivity several-fold. So when setting up your office space at home, you have the luxury to choose office space where the lighting levels are optimum. This is to say, locating your home office where you get ample sunlight is a great strategy to boost your productivity.

Improper lighting, on the other hand, can hamper your physical well being and can cause drowsiness and eye fatigue. In effect, it reduces your productivity. Also, the hue of the light can play a major role in changing your mood. Warm color temperatures are calming. On the other hand, bright colors can be stimulating. So choosing an LED light that gives you the flexibility to change color tone can really help you set the mood for the right work environment.

De-cluttering Is Essential

Decluttering is essential for office productivity
Try adapting to minimalistic home office designs to keep the place neat and clean

A fresh environment is key to having a sharp mindset. It is quite easy for a home office to get cluttered with unnecessary things, especially if you have children. Make sure you keep everyday stuff out of the designated office space. Use a separate dustbin just for the office, purge piled-up papers, coffee cups, and knick-knacks or whatever is cluttering the space. Restrict entrance only to yourself if required. Work should be kept separate from personal life for optimum concentration.

Set Comfort Standards

short breaks playing guitar increases home office productivity
Office breaks are great to brush up your inner creativity and increase work productivity

No one can work tirelessly, and so you will need breaks every now and then. One of the keys to maximizing productivity is to reward yourself. Get a job done and then take a short break for snacks, or a favorite activity, e.g. playing a musical instrument. Nevertheless, don’t get too tempted and try to be strict on the timing. Or else those one or two minutes that you reward yourself can mount up, severely hampering work productivity.

Just like the brain, the body needs rest. Make sure to invest in a comfortable office chair and sit ergonomically. Adjust the table height so that your neck doesn’t get sore. Use anti-glare computer screens to protect your eyes from getting fatigued. Like this, figure out a few more arrangements that help you customize into a comfortable environment and increase home office productivity.

Exercise A Little

exercise equipment
Turn your home office into a productive workplace by placing a few light exercise equipment within reach

Sitting in one place and staring at a computer screen for an extended period of time can slow down your work productivity. Try exercising a little. It will revitalize you and keep your senses soothed. You can have a few light exercise materials, e.g. weights, resistance bands or even a treadmill if you want. Alternatively, just take a stroll around the block. If you live in a luxury apartment, there is a pretty good chance they are facilitated with jogging tracks. That way, you can catch fresh air and exercise without leaving the vicinity! But do be careful during times like these. All in all, active habits will not only keep you in shape, but will also boost work productivity!

It all comes down to your choices and how you want the home office to be. Also, no one else can better figure out how to manage your time more precisely to get work done. So, get up and set up your home office with these organizing ideas and see how your workflow increases instantly!

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