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“Whether flowers bloom or not, it’s Spring today” are famous words by the poet Subhash Mukhopadhyay, and true to this spirit, we should decorate our homes in celebration of Falgun. I guess you’ve already made preparations with regards to what saree or panjabi you’d be wearing. Why not do the same for your home? Also, Pahela Falgun is on the same day as Valentine’s Day this year! This means there will be double the celebration, and more visitors at home. So, let’s not hesitate any further and head into a few simple and easy tips and tricks to do beautiful Pahela Falgun home decor.

The Flowers of Falgun

Marigold – The flower of spring

Obviously, the flowers of spring won’t be blooming on day one. But that shouldn’t stop you from finding out the flowers that bloom during spring, and pick out your favorite. You will find a plethora of flowers growing during this time of the year. But the flower you will see the most at the florists in Dhaka is the Marigold. The flower would add a touch of Falgun to your beautiful home. A quick trip to Shahbag, and you will find marigold flowers, which you can bring back home to add the scent of spring in the air. A curtain of Marigold at the entrance of your home would be the perfect spring welcome for any guests entering into your home on Pahela Falgun. A flower pot containing Marigold flowers would be a great memoir for the spring festivities. The flowers of spring are an integral part of the Pahela Falgun festivities. 

The Color of Falgun

Laptop and Mug
Yellow – The color of Falgun

You should keep something in your house matching the color of Falgun. It could be the cushion covers or rugs. Why not change the curtains? Finding the perfect curtains for your home is easier than ever before! However, the bright yellow of Falgun might not be the best fit for everything in your house. Which makes it better to complement your home with yellow accents. You could pair yellow with other colors like orange or green. You can color one wall in your home in any shade of yellow or orange. Traditional designs drawn on top of that would be perfect for your Pahela Falgun home decor. You could also change the color of your sheets. Tableware with traditional Bengali colors and themes will also go with the spirit of Falgun. The first day of spring is the perfect opportunity for you to change up the décor in your home.

Drawing Alpana

Alpana and diaTo add a touch of elegance into your Pahela Falgun home decor, draw beautiful alpana on the floors of your home. There used to be a time when drawing alpana was only reserved for the Bengali New Year, Weddings, or special occasions. Joyous moments were created when the whole family got together to draw alpana. Why not do the same for Pahela Falgun to bring back those joyous memories? You could also draw floral designs on the floors of your balcony. Wouldn’t it look marvelous? 

Falgun Fashion

Flower on Plate
Spend quality time with your family

To celebrate Pahela Falgun, you can dress yourself in traditional attire appropriate for such occasions. Women can wear yellow sarees and men can wear yellow or green panjabis. You could head out to grab a bite, or hang out somewhere with your friends and family wearing the Falgun attire. Great memories can be made on such occasions. Wearing the colors of Falgun will also brighten up the ambience, anywhere you go. Time spent with family is time well spent. So, give as much time to them as you can, and not just on special occasions. After all, family is everything.

Decorating the home with the color yellow has become a recent trend. You will find many different styles of décor that incorporate yellow perfectly. Retro or modern furniture, yellow walls, and pretty wallpaper with yellow floral patterns will spice up your Pahela Falgun home decor. Do let us know in the comments about your thoughts on the tips mentioned above.

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