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Who doesn’t want to dream of owning a home inside Dhaka? But for those who are looking to buy an apartment far from the hustle and bustle of the city, in the quietest and the most peaceful areas to buy an apartment in Dhaka 2022, this article will serve them with some amazing options.

Although open spaces are scarce in this densely populated growing city, Bashundhara, Aftabanagar, Lalmatia, and Nikunja offer a quiet and peaceful residential setting to live with your family.


Bashundhara R/A offers a serene and tranquil environment

According to Bproperty database, the apartment price difference in Dhaka during 2020-2021 was noticeable. Especially in Bashundhara, the average sft price for a flat stood at BDT 8,136 in 2021, which was a 2% increase over the same period in 2020.

The reason for that popularity increase is simple. Bashundhara is already well-known for its quiet and peaceful residential setting. Developed next to Baridhara, this huge project boasts every residential facility and amenity and is easily accessible from Gulshan 1 and 2 areas.

From renowned educational institutions to some prominent corporate offices, you will find everything in this neighborhood. That is why the demand for residential apartments is very high in Bashundhara.

Not only will you get apartments under BDT 1 crore but you will also get apartments within budget if you are looking for flats within budget.

The entirety of Bashudhara is organized into beautiful blocks and most blocks are undergoing massive development activities. So if you are looking for peaceful areas to buy an apartment in Dhaka 2022, look no further than Bashundhara.


Aftabnagar offers an exceptionally well-developed residential setting

People whose workplace is located in Gulshan and its adjacent areas tend to choose Badda, Rampura, and Banasree areas for living. Due to being located next to commercial areas, these areas tend to be loud and very active. But if you want to live in a peaceful area within a similar distance, can choose to buy a flat in Aftabnagar which is very close to Banasree.

Not only is Aftabnagar affordable for buying an apartment in terms of proximity to Gulshan, but it is also amongst the most potential areas in Dhaka for property investment. Continuous development coupled with a growing demand to buy flats in Aftabnagar has increased the popularity of the area.

The area is very accessible from any part of the city and houses every amenity and facility to sustain a lifestyle that emphasizes family living. And thanks for being located next to Banasree, from well-known educational institutions to essential health care facilities, everything is located within a rickshaw ride away. And you will find plenty of 3 bedroom apartments in Aftabnagar on Bproperty’s website.


Nikunja will cater to all your residential needs without having to sacrificing the peace

Looking to settle down in a serene and peaceful area of Dhaka? Look no further than Nikunja. Due to being located in close proximity to the airport, there is hardly any high-rise to be seen in this area. Also, the area is very open and airy with a playground inside the area.

Besides, being located next to Dhaka-Mymensing road, Khilkhet, and Uttara, it is easier to commute to educational institutions, offices, and meet day-to-day residential needs. NIkunja is divided into two parts – Nikunja 1 is located in the south, but with more space, and Nikunja 2 is developed in the North.

So if you are planning to buy a flat, then Nikunja, one of the peaceful areas to buy an apartment in Dhaka 2022, will not disappoint. You will find a lot of 2-3 bedroom apartments in Nikunja to fulfill your needs.


Lalmatia is all about peace and harmony

With every modern amenity and facility, different-sized apartments are being developed in Lalmatia to ensure better living conditions. Filled with greenery, Lalmatia is flanked by Mohammadpur to the North and Dhanmondi to the South. That is why the demand for flats has always been higher in this neighborhood.

The area is also very accessible from the other parts of the city. You can take a rickshaw to any area adjacent to the locality to access essential services. That is to say, some of the most prominent health care and educational institutes are also located a walking distance away.

Visit Bpropety’s website to find your preferred apartments in Lalmatia with no extra hassle.

The list is not exhaustive but if you are searching for quiet and serene areas, then these are the most peaceful areas to buy an apartment in Dhaka 2022. Hope you find this article helpful.

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