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What makes a condominium apartment unique from freehold apartments is that you don’t just own your individual unit but also a share of the land, building and common areas. Thus, you share costs with fellow building residents of the condo. A condominium complex represents great value, since buying standalone properties is usually far more costly. However, they come with overwhelming opportunities and perks alongside the apartment.

Complex Repairs

Heavy maintenance work – under one roof

Lots of maintenance goes into keeping the perfect living conditions. For a condominium complex, where there are additional facilities like swimming pools and gaming facilities, this is even truer. But you need not stress over the maintenance. The property’s authorities take care of everything. This includes major repairs like roof repairs, pool cleaning and fixing infrastructure. This can be a lifesaver considering all the time it saves apartment owners so they can focus on other important things.

Community Living

a group of people showing unity
Be around others and ensure a better living all together

As a member that has a stake in the overall wellness of the condominium, the community of owners grows stronger together. Everyone has a say in the maintenance and improvements of the condominium complex, and everyone has to deal with issues together. There is no room for selfish behavior unless you’re fond of completely unavoidable issues arising. Also, with all the shared facilities on the grounds, you’re bound to run into each other and perhaps even make unlikely friends of one another.

Swimming pools

A swimming pool beside a compound
Own it if a condominium has a pool as added features

The main attraction to a condominium is the access to an on-ground swimming pool. This is definitely a luxury to boast and be happy about. How many can say they have it? And how many are actually maintained well enough to use. Many public swimming pools may exist around the area, but this exclusive swimming pool is yours. Have your fun and relax whenever you want. It’s yours, after all.

Departmental Stores

A departmental store
Departmental stores within a building compound are no longer just a dream

A condominium generally has the services to supply you with your grocery needs. The need to get in your car and go outside for groceries and general goods dissipates when you own a condominium apartment. The stores tend to do vigorous quality checks since they are mainly for the owners of the apartments. With this in mind, you can relax about quality and focus on making the best dinner you can think of.

Parties galore

A barbecue grill
Be bold and throw a party for your neighbors

With any budding community you can expect lots of group activities. And with a condominium community, you can expect lots of it to happen on the condo grounds. Be it a barbecue, a wedding or a pool party, be ready for lots of gatherings, fun and just a good ol’ time.

Gaming Facilities

Picture of indoor cricket
Playgrounds have become a rare luxury

Children, and adults alike, have few to no playing areas in the city. With all the development and land grabbing going around, how could they? Owning a condominium apartment, on the other hand, provides you your own place to play. Apart from recreation like a swimming pool and a gym, small playgrounds are a common feature. Condominiums like the Rightway Airport Plaza offer these facilities so you may want to grab an apartment while they’re still available.

a Greater Deal

Two people shaking hands
Think of a condominium to solve your purpose more than just owning an apartment

Condominiums can cost a lot more than a regular apartment. But then again, you’re not paying for just a place to put your head at night. You’re paying for a luxury apartment with amazing facilities like pools, gyms, shopping areas and community centers. You’re paying for exclusivity. Considering all this, the rate of expense is not that high. You can go so far as to say it’s quite the bargain. Also, you’re not just paying for the apartment and facilities, you’re becoming a partial owner of the entire place. That’s a lot to cover and makes it an even better deal!

A condominium apartment life is a beautiful dream that many want to see come to life. And who can blame them. It really is a wonderful lifestyle. Wonderful housing, recreation, fun and games; it has it all. And all at a considerably great price. There really isn’t anything wrong with the condominium setup if you can afford to buy an apartment in the complex.

Do you live in or want to own an apartment in a condominium complex? Let us know your favorite thing about it in the comments section below.

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