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If you look beyond the daily concerns people break their heads over, you will find that Dhaka is one of the liveliest and happening cities one can reside in. The city is a tumultuous carnival of surreal wonder if you have the heart to brave it and in that retrospect, the perks outweigh the costs. Let’s stroll into the reasons of what the perks are of living in Dhaka city are.

  1. The Sound of Music: Almost every week, cultural clubs or galleries hold music festivals throughout the cities, exclusives with open mic nights. Rabindra Sharabar and Jatra Biroti are undoubtedly every one’s preferred picks when it comes to musical events. Jatra Biroti is an art and music lounge which hosts musical events that promote folk and upcoming artists of Bangladesh, and occasionally abroad as well. It is a place of live music where from traditional Lalon and Tagore to the newly inspired hybrid versions of eastern ragas fly along with western jazz, blues, rock and other genres. It’s an open forum for artists from around the world. In contrast, Rabindra Sharabar is an open lakeside galleria which hosts various musical programs, which are of classical nature, especially during notable festive days.
  2. Lost in Sight: There is always something happening in some corner of the city. As the city continues to grow, so too are the opportunities. Over the years, the number of exhibitions inside the city has grown and spread like mushrooms. From art galleries to film exhibitions, Dhaka has become the prime cut of entertainment in the country. Almost every day of every week there is an event going on. Be it an art expo, photography showcase or an independent film screening, all throughout the year, galleries such as Drik, Bengal Boi, Alliance Française de Dhaka etc., hold events which are generally free or ticketed at a low cost.
  3. Festivals for the Fun: Dhaka city isn’t short on local fiestas. From Pohela Baishak to Mongal Shobajatra, Lantern (shakrain) Festival, Kite Festival, random musical festivals, etc; annually, there is always something to celebrate.
  4. Loving the Leisure Life: The mini parties held by the hotels. Posh and extravagant on some days, these kinds of parties are better as they are held in the best of residences around the cities. Catered only for the private, these parties are full of DJ music, private concerts, food and sometimes the occasional alcohol. This is the closest reflection of a party life you can avail in Dhaka.
  5. Everyday Perks: For Dhakaitas, everything from cafes, restaurants to Big-City shopping malls are situated in the main city. Every week, a new ‘hangout’ spot opens up to cater to the growing demand of entertainment and eating out has become a prime source of it. Dhaka is quickly on the verge of becoming the food-capital of the nation, maybe even the subcontinent. For the best of food and the ambience of the chill life, Dhaka is where you want to make your bed.

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