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Gulshan is one of the most prominent popular areas in Dhaka city. Now more than ever, having a flat in Gulshan is synonymous to luxury and sophistication. And buying an apartment in the area is something that many strive for as they progress through their lives. The entire Gulshan area is a very popular place to live, attracting people who are moving up in the world. So whether it’s the food, elegant homes, or one of the many hangout spots in the area that appeal to people, there’s no doubt that living in Gulshan has many perks. Today we’ll be looking at these perks that make Gulshan the best place to live in Dhaka.

Luxurious Homes

Living in Dhaka with luxurious homes
Elegant homes are a staple of Gulshan architecture

Gulshan is renowned for having luxurious and elegant homes. A great example of this is Niketan. There’s hardly a flat in Niketan, or any part of Gulshan for that matter, that isn’t above the standard in terms of quality and design. Maybe it’s because Gulshan is often regarded as a prominent area in Dhaka which has sway over the makeup of these homes. Whatever the reason may be, residents put in great time and effort into both exterior and interior design to try to achieve a dazzling apartment. Whatever the reason for such an abundance of beautiful homes may be, this aspect has great influence over people. For many, it makes people want to be included amongst those who are living in Gulshan.

Malls for All

Shopping malls are one of the advantages of living in Gulshan
Numerous malls make Gulshan a very convenient place to live

Shopping centers are some of the most popular places in Dhaka. Having a great mall in a nearby location is certainly a great blessing. It allows you to buy your necessary items without having to travel far, and Gulshan is full of them. Because of that, Gulshan is the best place to live in Dhaka for a shopping enthusiast. And it doesn’t matter if you live in Gulshan 1 or 2; numerous shopping centers are conveniently located in the area. The DCC markets in both Gulshan circles are the perfect location to find home essential items. And for high-end items such as phones and other tech items, Police Plaza is the place to be. They always have the latest items from the tech-world as soon as they are available. Pink City is another renowned shopping mall that people frequent; and not just by those who are living in Gulshan.

Great Accessibility

Great accessibility is one of the advantages of living in Gulshan
People from all over Dhaka travel to Gulshan for business or office

When it comes to accessibility, Gulshan excels at it. In fact, it is one of the most accessible areas in the city. People living in Gulshan have complete access to all areas in Gulshan 1-2 as well as the surrounding areas. Gulshan has its own designated Rickshaws – lightweight, 3 wheeled passenger vehicles drawn by an operator – that transport people to any corner of Gulshan and Banani. Because of this, life in Gulshan is very convenient. People can also take the Green Dhaka bus service that travels throughout the area. It is also one of the few areas in Dhaka that doesn’t flood when it rains. Furthermore, its strategic location allows residents to move to both North and South Dhaka quickly; East Dhaka isn’t far either. Great mobility makes this one of the best place to live in Dhaka.

Great Food

Great eateries makes Gulshan the best place to live in Dhaka
There is no shortage of great places to eat in Gulshan

While Dhanmondi is considered a food haven, restaurants in Banani have some of the most acclaimed places to eat. And if there is any area that can go toe to toe with these places, it’s Gulshan. One of the best advantages of living in Gulshan is the food. It is the melting pot of delicacies. Every type of cuisine available in Bangladesh can be found here. And the best part is, a very unremarkable street may host the most delicious meal. Fast food, oriental, Thai, Italian, Indian, Mexican; no food is out of reach, and no man is left unsatisfied. Those looking for fine cuisine can also visit the many excellent hotels in the area like Westin and Four Points that serve five-star dishes. Alternatively, someone with a craving for coffee can always visit Gloria Jean’s or North End. Gulshan is the best place to live in Dhaka for foodies.

Beautiful Parks

Quality life in Gulshan thanks to parks
Gulshan has some tremendously beautiful parks

Gulshan is one of the oldest planned areas in Dhaka. The area was originally meant to be a residential area for the middle-class. As a result, several beautiful parks were created for the people living in Gulshan; to provide solace from city life. From the edge of Gulshan 1 near Hatirjheel all the way to the end of Gulshan North Avenue; there are numerous parks spread throughout. These pockets of nature are still here for residents to spend quality time. Gulshan Lake Park, which is renowned for its beauty, is one of the most famous parks in Dhaka. All the parks in the area are regularly maintained and monitored to keep things in order; enhancing the quality of life in Gulshan.

Corporate Offices

Living in Gulshan as a financial zone
Many organizations have offices in the area

As mentioned, Gulshan was meant to be a residential zone. However, the organic growth of Dhaka has made Gulshan into one of the most important financial districts in Dhaka alongside being a residential area. As a result, many organizations, be them local or multinational, have offices in the area. Thousands of people each day commute to Gulshan for work or business. The traffic of Dhaka makes traveling long distances within the city time consuming and irritating. Because of that Gulshan is the best place to live in Dhaka if your office is in the area. Living in Gulshan allows people to get to work in just a few minutes without having to worry about being late.

Diplomatic Zone

Living in Dhaka and the diplomatic zone
The Diplomatic Zone is one of the most secures areas in Dhaka

The diplomatic zone in Gulshan gives the area a unique aura about it. A large part of Gulshan 2 is designated as the diplomatic zone where it hosts many embassies as well as foreign residents. Safety and security is always a concern. This means, the government ensures greater protection for the area and its residents; much like Baridhara and its diplomatic zone, Gulshan is tremendous at it. Another one of the greatest advantages of living in Gulshan and the diplomatic zone is the better maintenance of roads and facilities. Everyone wants these perks in the area they live in.

Gulshan has always been one of the most popular areas in Dhaka. Furthermore, most of us consider buying a flat in Gulshan a great achievement. And by living in Gulshan, people can enjoy the amazing perks that the area has to provide.

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