The demand for shared offices and co-working spaces is constantly on the rise in Dhaka. The increasing number of startups and small businesses in our economy is responsible for this surge. There are plenty of reasons why co-working spaces have gained such popularity. Some common benefits of a shared office space are accentuated below:

Cost Reduction

The most obvious benefit is the reduced cost. The expense of a shared office will be half or even a quarter of a privately owned office. This makes perfect sense for small businesses as you do not have to pay for the extra space that you don’t need. You will also get relief from paying your utilities as those will be taken care of by the landlord or the authority who manages the office space.


A co-working space is a lot more flexible. You will not have to commit to a place by paying an advanced rent or by signing long term contracts. You can expand and rent more rooms once your business has grown.

Built-in Facilities

Most co-working spaces will come with built in desks, computers, refrigerators, air conditioners and generators. Some shared offices come with a common lounge, cafeteria, kitchen area or a separate smoking zone. These are amenities that startups cannot afford to pay for, but in a shared office space you will get to enjoy all these facilities and that too in a smaller budget!

Networking Options

The best thing about a shared office is the countless opportunities it offers to build a network. You will be sharing offices with other businessmen who can help you grow and open new doors for your businesses. In some cases, businesses in a co-working space arrange trainings and seminars together that help the employees broaden their horizon.


A shared office is usually located in a well secured area and nestled in a commercial building with enough security measures. The security is usually paid for by the building authority. As a result, your office documents and other intellectual properties will remain in safe hands around the clock.

Looking for a Shared Office in Dhaka?

Dhaka offers an array of different types of shared offices around the city. Gulshan, Banani, Motijheel, Tejgaon, Uttara, Mirpur, Badda, Banasree are the most popular choices for commercial spaces in Dhaka. You will find fully furnished offices in the Gulshan and Banani areas with all kinds of facilities in place. CCTV, a WiFi connection, cafeterias, lounges/break out area, printing facilities, lockers, mailboxes are some of the amenities they will be offering. The monthly rent for a shared office in the Gulshan/Banani areas ranges around BDT 10,000 – 25,000.

More affordable co-working spaces are available in Mirpur, Uttara, Motijheel and Tejgaon. They may not come with a café or a lounge, but they will offer all the basics, such as: security, lift, generator, gas and water supply. Shared offices in these areas can be rented out at BDT 5000-12,000 per month.

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