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We get that you want your new apartment to be just perfect. This might put you in a little confusion as you start evaluating things carefully. One of the common issues you might face during this time is to pick the right apartment floor. Generally, 2nd and 3rd-floor apartments for rent or for sale with the same size are priced a bit higher than the top floors. Again, not everyone is a fan of top floor apartments. However, when availability and price is not a factor, comfort and smart decision becomes a priority. Let’s look at the pros and cons of different apartment floors and that will help you get a firm decision.

Let’s start with apartment floor 1 & 2

These two floors are the most desirable and suitable for many for one big reason, you don’t have to climb up much. Even when the elevator is out of service, it will not affect you much. Plus, when you move in or move out, or even buy furniture, still this will not affect you. Also for some, views from these floors suit them the best, hence they tend to pick either of these floors. If such scenic views are one of the requirements for your apartment, we have some of the best properties with the best views in the city!

On the other hand, these apartments are closer to the ground. Which means you will be exposed to constant sound and air pollution. Moreover, you will have more passers-by in these two floors which might hamper your privacy, even a bit.

3rd and 4th Floor Apartments

Balcony View
3rd and 4th floor apartment has the best views

You can pretty much guess that these are the ideal choice of apartments. They have an optimum height from ground level, lesser pollution and more privacy for you. Additionally, they tend to have a decent view as well. This is why most developers charge an extra for 3rd-floor apartments as they enjoy the maximum benefit. This is the only con of buying these apartments. Finding such properties are not a hassle anymore as we have a wide selection of quality apartments.

5th Floor Apartments and Above

Again, for some, top floors are the best choice when you have a reliable lift and lift servicing available. In a city like ours, living in such apartments are the best because, you get cleaner, fresher environment 24/7. Less noise to bother and more privacy for you. Also, more sunlight, better view and perfect for winter days. If you are fond of indoor gardening, these apartments should suit you just right.

Building view
Live in the top apartment floor of your building for fresher environment

You could already guess the cons for top floor apartments. However, these top floor apartments are suitable to a certain height. If you buy an apartment say 8th or 9th floor, make sure your developer has the permission to do so. Moreover, check the soil test report if it is available. We hope now you get a more clear idea which floor to pick for your next apartment.

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