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Along with furniture, electronic home appliances have become essentials when it comes to setting up your home. It is hard to imagine a home without them. From TVs, fridges, and ACs to smart gadgets, many appliances are readily seen in the average home. So, it is no surprise that there are plenty of places to buy home appliances in Dhaka. However, only a few places can offer you a great variety of products. Also, in a big city like Dhaka, you may find electronic shops at every corner of your area but you may not find exactly the thing you require. So, where do people go to buy electronic home appliances for their homes? Here are the top 5 places to buy home appliances in Dhaka.

Bangabandhu National Stadium Electronic market 


This electronics market is located in the Motijheel area, the heart of the city. The reputation of this stadium electronics market has always been high. Buyers from all over the city flock to this market in search of the product of their choice. With about 750 to 800 stores, there are plenty of options for buyers. You can buy all kinds of electronic products for your home from here. The market includes a wide range of home appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, ACs, washing machines, blenders, bread makers, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners and many more. And it’s not only new products, you can also find old electronics products here. If you are good at haggling, this market can offer you electronic products with great value. This in turn makes this one of the great places to buy home appliances in Dhaka. 

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex
One of the most popular shopping destination for electronic home appliances

It is hard to find a shopping lover who doesn’t enjoy shopping in Bashundhara City. People rush to the shopping mall to buy all sorts of things. You can find almost anything, from branded electronic products to more affordable alternatives. Since Bashundhara City is one of the popular places to buy home appliances in Dhaka, chances are you will always get a discount on electronic products. Furthermore, there are a variety of interesting offers always being offered to buyers. This makes Bashundhara City an ideal electronics market for buying home electronic products for your home. 

Shimanto Square and Dhanmondi 27

Dhanmondi 27 and Shimanto square are another two of the most popular destinations for people needing electronic devices for their homes. The once calm and serene region of Dhaka has been transformed into a neighborhood with every modernity. Shimanto Square, Shimanto Shamvar, Rapa Plaza, A.R. Plaza, and Metro Shopping Mall are some of the most popular places to buy home appliances in Dhaka. These are famous not only for apparel shopping but also for purchasing home appliances. Shimanto Square can offer you some excellent electronic brand shops. Aside from Shimanto square, the Dhanmondi 27 road has plenty of branded and local shops with a variety of options to choose from. M.K Electronics, Transcom digital, S.R electronics are some of the most well-known brands for purchasing quality home appliances.

Motalib Plaza

This shopping center is located right next to the Hatirpool area. Motalib plaza is one of the city’s oldest and most reputed shopping centers for purchasing home appliances. Just like the Bangabandhu National Stadium Electronic market, Motalib plaza can offer you an array of quality electronic products with great deals. That being said, you can find home appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, table fans, air conditioners, rice cookers and pressure cookers, room heaters, irons, etc. with ease. Besides, if you are on a budget, Motalib plaza is the place to go. Many renowned showrooms can offer you cash discounts, gift cards, and other exciting offers.

Mascot Plaza And Azampur

Mascot Plaza
The largest shopping mall in Uttara

Founded in the mid-90s, Mascot Plaza is a modern shopping complex for people living in Uttara. This shopping complex features an array of electronic shops to meet the needs of people. Whether it is to buy home appliances or other electronics, Mascot plaza will not disappoint. This shopping mall houses popular brand shops from both inside and outside the country. Azampur on the other hand can facilitate you with even more variety of electronic shops. But, unlike Mascot plaza, these shops are not centralized in one place. Instead, all shops are scattered across the area, offering even more variety.

Like we mentioned in the beginning of this article, there are plenty of electronic shops across the city. You may even find electronic shops just outside your house. But if you want great options with great deals these are the 5 most popular places to buy home appliances in Dhaka.

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