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Weekends are meant for relaxation and enjoyment. However, some of us only have one-day weekends and/or don’t necessarily have the opportunity to visit places faraway. Luckily, you don’t have to go very far to have a great weekend. There are numerous places to visit around Dhaka city. And unless you want to spend the whole day in bed, the best way to enjoy an off day is to take a short trip around Dhaka to these following places, and still be home in time for dinner. So if you are looking for a visiting place near Dhaka for a short trip; then visit any one of these places for a hassle-free and pleasurable time.

Puran Dhaka

Famoul places to visit in Dhaka
The streets of Puran Dhaka is filled with old structures and buildings

Puran Dhaka or Old Town was the cradle of the city. This is the place where urban Dhaka began and became the megacity we know today. The reason for including Puran Dhaka in this list of places to visit around Dhaka city is because it is perfect for exploration. It is not like other traditional recreational sites. The area holds some of the oldest buildings and structures in the country. While very few structures from the Mughal period still stand today, there’s no shortage of architecture from the Colonial period.

Surprisingly, very few citizens are aware of the wonders this area hosts. Even if you explore Puran Dhaka for an entire day, you won’t be able to see all of them. As you roam around the oldest parts of the city, you’ll be mesmerized by remnants of the past. Some of these remnants are tucked away behind high-rise apartments; a testament of the changing landscape of Dhaka. And whether these structures are well-maintained or not, they are quite capable of captivating their audience.

How to Get There

You can reach Puran Dhaka from any part of the city using public buses. However, navigating the streets of Puran Dhaka might be a bit more difficult than other places in this list. Choose any location south of Gulistan as your starting point and begin walking in any direction. You are sure to find something extraordinary no matter which path you take.

Bashundhara Riverview

Beautiful visiting place near Dhaka
Bashundhara R/V is still relatively unknown to the people of Dhaka

While most of us are familiar with Bashundhara R/A as one of the most trending residential areas, there is another Bashundhara project across Buriganga river in Keraniganj called Bashundhara Riverview or Bashundhara R/V. And even though the area has complete roads, most of the plots are yet to start development. Nature still holds sway over the land of Bashundhara Riverview. As a result, it is the perfect visiting place near Dhaka to enjoy the beauty of nature; particularly during Autumn and Late-Autumn.

Bashundhara R/V has become fairly popular with young people when looking for famous places to visit around Dhaka. The area is filled with a variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers. And as you approach the area, you are greeted by a sea of white. Bashundhara R/V is particularly known for having vast ranges of Kashful – a beautiful type of grass native to the subcontinent – that emphasizes serenity and peace. The twilight view is often considered as the best part of visiting the area.

How to Get There

There are two ways you can travel to Bashundhara R/V; one is a combination of bus and boat rides, while the other is a combination of bus and rickshaw. Most people prefer the former to the latter as it presents an opportunity to enjoy the river. First, you need to travel to Gulistan. From there you can take a bus that will take you to Shyampur terminal. Once there, you hire a boat to ferry you across to Bashundhara R/V. Alternatively, you can get on a bus from Gulistan to take you to Keraniganj directly and then hire a rickshaw to take you to Bashundhara R/V.

Panam City

On the south-east side of Dhaka lies Sonargaon Upazila of Narayanganj district. During the rule of Isa Kha in the 15th century, Sonargaon was the capital of Bengal and a thriving metropolis. Much of its architecture is from Colonial, Mughal, and even from Sultanate periods. However, among all the historical buildings and architectural wonders, Panam Nagar or Panam City is the most popular. For many history enthusiasts, having such a visiting place near Dhaka is a blessing.

The city came into being during the early part of the 19th century. Among other aspects, the 52 houses on a single street have become the main attraction for tourists. The buildings are a mixture of Bengal and European styles that give them a unique look. And as you walk through the street, looking at the now empty buildings, you can’t help but wonder about all that happened in those structures; all the history they hold.

How to Get There

There are many buses, even from Mirpur, that travel to Sonargaon. Once you reach Mograpara crossing, get off the bus and take a short trip on a rickshaw to Panam City. In order to better protect and maintain Panam City, the archeological department has recently erected boundary walls. The cost of admission is BDT 20 for locals and BDT 100 for foreigners. Furthermore, the city is only open from 9 am to 5 pm on Tuesday’s through Saturdays while the area opens after 2 pm on Mondays. The city remains closed on Sundays. It is one of the quickest places to visit around Dhaka city.

Safari Park

One of the best recreational sites around Dhaka
More than 30 species of birds and animal can be found in the Safari Park

The Safari Park in Gazipur is a unique recreational sites in Bangladesh. The National Zoo, which is a popular recreational place in Mirpur, has many wild animals, but the creatures in the Safari park roam freely. It is one of the most amazing and famous places to visit around Dhaka. The park occupies a massive 4,909 acres of land that allows the animals to wander about in open spaces. You can find a wide array of small to large animals within the vicinity. The park is divided into five sections; the Core Safari, Safari Kingdom, Biodiversity Park, Extensive Asian Safari park, and Bangabandhu Square. There are also facilities for visitors to take a boat ride in the lake.

As you enter the main gain of the park, the first thing you’ll notice is the giant map outlining the entire area. From there, you can take a tour of the Core Safari and admire the beauty, grace, and in some cases, the ferociousness of the animals inside. Lions, tigers, zebras, and crocodiles are just some of the animals you might encounter in the park. Two of the unique additions the park include a pair of albino tigers and a herd of kangaroos. The park not only provides a visiting place near Dhaka but an opportunity for people to see wild animals roam openly.

How to Get There

People with flats in Uttara are the biggest beneficiaries since it takes them less than an hour and a half to reach the Safari Park. This means, along with all the places to visit in Uttara, residents can also make a quick trip to the safari park. If you have a private car arranged, you can drive directly to the Safari Park. Alternatively, if you travel by bus, you would need to cross Gazipur Chowrasta and reach Bagher Bazar along the Mymensingh highway. After that, you can either take a rickshaw or CNG to reach the park. As for the cost, you’ll need to buy individual tickets to enter each section of the Safari Park. The entry fee for entering the park costs about BDT 50, but the entrance to other sections can cost as much as BDT 100.

We all need a break from city life every now and then. Having a visiting place near Dhaka is a great boon for those of us living in the city. The aforementioned places to visit around Dhaka are perfect for forgetting your worries for a while by taking a trip when short on time.

Where do you like to visit on the weekends? Do you have any favorite places to visit around Dhaka? Let us know in the comments sections below.


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