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Many people would argue about Chattogram being the commercial capital of Bangladesh. Theoretically, it is but lack of proper initiatives to make that happen might be one of the reasons why the port city is still fighting for the attention it deserves. However, nobody will argue that Chattogram is one of the well-developed cities in Bangladesh. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, educational institutes, top-of-the-line healthcare centers, and booming industrial sector, Chattogram truly embodies the ideal reflection of a thriving city. But like most cities in the world, some part of Chattogram is better planned than the other. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best planned areas in Chattogram so that you get an overall idea of the city right away.


Nasirabad is one of the most developed areas of Chattogram

Nasirabad is one of the posh localities of Chattogram. Being located at the heart of the city, it is also amongst the most happening areas of Chattogram. With well-constructed roads surrounding the area, there is no shortage of social benefits and services, including amenities and facilities in Nasirabad. But you won’t know how meticulously the area is planned until you see the Nasirabad Housing Society, definitely one of the most well planned areas in Chattogram.

It is one of the most well-planned neighborhoods in Chattogram. The entire housing society is properly planned and divided into grids. There are shopping malls, high-end restaurants, and cafés in this locality. The area also houses some of the most prominent schools including Nasirabad Govt. High Schools, International hope School Bangladesh. And as far as accessibility to the rest of the city is concerned, you won’t need any more than a rickshaw ride to reach GEC circle or Bayazid Bostami circle. These are two of the most important intersection to find a ride that will take you anywhere inside the city.

Panchlaish R/A

Panchlaish R/A
Panchlaish R/A is encompassed by O.R. Nizam Road and Fazlul Kader Road, two of the most well-maintained roads in Chattogram

Panchlaish R/A, located in the upscale suburb is an extremely popular area amongst people with family for all the right reasons. The entirety of Panchlaish R/A is impeccably planned with wide roads, organized residential housing, a dedicated commercial zone, and a highly active community. But what separates this area from the rest is all the details that went into making the area one of the most beautifully planned areas in Chattogram to live in.

The network of roads, for example, are some of the well-maintained roads in Chattogram. The emphasis on family life and community living is another thing to brag about. With proper drainage and waste disposal system in place, Panchlaish R/A is also the tidiest place in the city.


The cityscape view at night time in Khulshi
The scenic night view of Khulshi

Khulshi is known for its premium residential areas such as South Khulshi R/ A, North Khulshi R/A, home to people with high status. In the recent past, the demand for this area has increased to new levels because of the busy commercial markets, places for the youngsters to hang out and mostly because of its connectivity to major parts of the city. Zakir Hossain Road, one of the major roads in Chattogram, went directly through the area, making the area supper busy with constant traffic and life.

Khulshi is a place with equal opportunity both for residential and commercial settings. This is the prime reason why the area is so diverse. Most areas by the side of the road are dotted with commercial and industrial establishments. Bproperty’s corporate office in Chattogram is located right at the heart of Khulshi. Some of the embassies including India and Russia are also located in and at the outskirts of the area. 


Agrabad is the commercial hub of Chattogram

Now let’s talk about the most premium area in Chattogram. Agrabad not only serves as one of the best planned areas in Chattogram, it is also the primary commercial hub. Agrabad, located on the south side of the city is directly connected to the Bandar area. So naturally, the infrastructure around the area is top-notch. Agrabad also houses most of the embassies in Chattogram which makes it the diplomatic zone of the city. In other words, Agrabad has world-class security in place.

Agrabad is well connected with the rest of Chattogram via Sheikh Mujib Road. And since the majority part of the area is peppered with commercial and official establishments, there is no problem accessing the area. Although it is a commercial area through and through, a specific part of the area offers residential facilities for sustaining an opulent life.

All these areas offer different lifestyles but share similar traits. Their common list of features and added benefits are what make them stand out from the rest. That being said, if you are in search of beautifully planned areas in Chattogram, look no further than the aforementioned places.

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