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Art is an expression, stemming from human creativity and imagination. It represents the artist’s perception of life, sentiments and sometimes, a stillness amidst the surrounding chaos. A piece of art is also more than just something to behold; it has the ability to elicit a wide range of emotions within the viewer. People of Bangladesh have long been great appreciators of the arts in all of its forms. As such, whether its photography, sculptures or a painting exhibition; people visit art galleries to indulge themselves in their beauty. Art exhibitions in Dhaka are now more popular than ever. These galleries showcase pieces of art by talented local artists as well as those from abroad. Having such galleries is definitely one of the benefits of living in Dhaka. So if you are into art and trying to find the best art galleries in Dhaka, you need to visit the following establishments.

National Art Gallery, Shilpakala

Shilpakala has one of the best art galleries in Dhaka
Shilpakala Academy is also a great learning center

Located in Segunbagicha, the National Art Gallery at Shilpakala Academy is the oldest of its kind in Bangladesh. It opened its door way back in 1974. The art gallery played a vital role in establishing and expanding Bangladesh’s reputation throughout the art world. Many potential art lovers had their first taste of the art world at the National Art Gallery. And for obvious reasons, it is one of the most popular art galleries in Dhaka. Ever since it opened, the gallery has hosted major exhibitions. Even now, many of the finest exhibitions are held in the National Art Gallery; be it photography, painting or in another form. Earlier this year, the gallery played host to the Dhaka Art Summit, which was an ensemble of artists from more than 30 countries. Aside from such major events, there’s always a reason to visit the gallery thanks to the regular exhibitions held there.

Drik Gallery

Drik is one of the most popular art galleries in Dhaka
Drik is one of the most popular art galleries in Dhaka

The Drik Gallery will achieve a feat next year that only a few centers have achieved in Bangladesh; reaching 30 years. While the venue hosts a variety of exhibitions for cartoons, painting, and sculpture, and even social events, it’s the foremost exhibition center for photography. Over the years, Drik Gallery has hosted exhibitions for many major names in the world of photography like Anwar Hossain and Sabrina Islam. However, there have been a few controversial photography exhibitions that in the gallery in the past. Dr. Shahidul Alam started the gallery. He is one of the most respected photographers and individuals in the country. Under his guidance, the gallery has achieved international recognition, and people always expect great photos from the exhibitions held there. There are usually four to five exhibitions a month, making it one of the most popular art galleries in Dhaka.

Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts

Students at Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts often get a chance to learn from foreign artists
Students at the Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts often get a chance to learn from foreign artists

The name of Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts will always pop up when discussing popular art galleries in Dhaka. It is a well-respected and well-connected arts gallery with partnerships to art communities in the US, China, Italy, Japan, and Canada. The Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts is located on the same road as Drik Gallery and plays a similar role. Its goal is to recognize art as an essential part of our culture as well as create a platform for new artists. The gallery restricts to just two exhibitions a month, during which people can buy the art pieces. Seasoned and new artists alike take part in exhibitions. The exhibitions are more well-known for contemporary arts and range from anywhere between installations to acrylic paintings. Maybe it’s the opportunity to witness the emergence of a great new artist, or the chance to acquire a masterpiece that attracts many visitors there

Edge Gallery

One of the more popular art galleries for foreigners
Edge Gallery is frequented by many local and foreign dignitaries

Tranquility, serenity, and art; the three pillars of the Edge Gallery. The entire setup of the gallery is oriented to provide complete immersion for the viewer. The journey of Edge Gallery began just two years ago. Since then, the gallery has quickly garnered a tremendous reputation for themselves. While the gallery regularly hosts a wide variety of contemporary artwork, it is more well-known for sculpture exhibitions. Solo exhibitions from renowned artists like Tejosh Haider Josh have elevated the galleries reputation to new heights. Many foreign dignitaries and art enthusiasts frequent Edge Gallery in hopes of acquiring a great piece of art. The gallery also hosts private auctions periodically to encourage the growth of art community of Bangladesh. You’ll find this amazing art gallery near the bank of Baridhara Lake in Gulshan 2, just west of the bridge.

Alliance Francaise La Galerie

he gallery hosts numerous local and foreign talented artists
The gallery hosts numerous local and foreign talented artists

France has long been considered the center of art and culture. They promote not just French artists, but artists from all over the world through their Alliance Francaise non-profit organization. Alliance Francaise in Dhaka has been at the heart of artistic activities in Bangladesh thanks to the art gallery Alliance Francaise La Galerie. Located in Dhanmondi, opposite Labaid Hospital, the gallery is one of the most renowned art exhibition spaces in Bangladesh. Furthermore, it is also one of the oldest art galleries in Dhaka. Alliance Francaise La Galerie hosts about 20 exhibitions a year, and the venue is hardly ever free. The gallery is open to all artists, both local and foreign.

Abinta Art Gallery

One of the most popular art galleries in Dhaka for young artists
Abinta Gallery was previously known as Athena Gallery

In the past, many young and talented painters have struggled to find a platform that displays their masterpieces. As a result, their talent never rose to prominence, and the country lost uncountable bright lights. Abinta Art Gallery is at the forefront of preventing such tragedy. It may be just one of the most popular art galleries in Dhaka, but it proudly displays paintings from gifted artists from all over the country. The gallery regularly holds exhibitions that display artworks from fine arts students as well as self-taught artists. The goal of Abinta Art Gallery is to create a platform for promising artists throughout the country. This goal has christened Abinta as an important and popular art gallery in Dhaka. People, especially those with apartments in Badda, frequent the venue to glimpse some of the best and brightest artists. You’ll find the art gallery opposite of Hossain Market in Uttar Badda.

Gallery Chitrak

Gallery Chitrak is well-known for hosting social and charitable events
Gallery Chitrak is well-known for hosting social and charitable events

Art comes in many forms, and the perfect place to view the best visual arts pieces is at Gallery Chitrak. Their diverse exhibitions draw crowds from all walks of life. It is one of the most popular art galleries in Dhaka thanks to frequent exhibitions by seasoned artists. Gallery Chitrak hosts artwork from both local and foreign artists. Since many renowned artists display their work there, solo exhibitions are quite common. The gallery is located on Green Road near Central Hospital in Dhanmondi. It was founded by some of the greatest artists in Bangladesh to become the leading art center in Dhaka. More than 100 exhibitions have been held there. The gallery has also hosted an equal number of events to raise money and support struggling artists in the community.

Right now is a great time for art lovers. The art community is more active in the country, particularly in Dhaka. There are several places you can find that host quite a few amazing art exhibitions regularly. This also means more places to visit if you are into art. So if you are unsure where to find the best art pieces, now you know where to start your journey.

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