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Modern. Industrial. Shabby Chic. The list of popular interior design styles names will continue to grow if we keep fusing them. Who does not want to leave the impression of their personalities inside their houses? You will find the things you like and dislike in one style or another. So, it is essential to know about these styles. Most of the time, we don’t know the name or features of our preferred interior styles. But we end up using that style to decorate our houses. Again, some people unknowingly do their style of fusion! But we all face the same problem of not knowing about these designs. Let us know about the popular interior design styles in home decor.

A bed with oval shaped arts on the wall
We don’t know much regarding our favorite interior design styles

Sleek and Modern Style

Modern interior with straight clean lines and a simple color palette are the building elements of this style. Also, materials like metal, glass, and steel are used. Be it furniture or doors or windows. The main drawback of modern style is that the general look reflects in the decor of the house. It has a decorative ambiance that precisely prevails with a soft feeling. Clean and smooth décor embodies the modern style!

Exterior Style – “Contemporary”

black sofa set with white dining tables and chairs with white curtains and a pendant light
You can make fusion according to your taste and style

There are many similarities between modern and contemporary styles! You may not distinguish the two at first glance. But there are some sharp features for which you can quickly differentiate. Initially, the big difference between contemporary style and modern is that modern style works exclusively with designs invented in the twentieth century. Contemporary style, on the other hand, does not follow any one of the methods or style guidelines. For example, even if there are curved lines in a contemporary style, you will never find this curved line in any modern style. Therefore, this is one of the popular interior design styles.

Simple style – “Minimalist”

The minimal style is quite a popular interior design styles in recent fashion trends. Many may not know the exact features, but the demand for this style is high in modern decor. Neutral and beige colors are the main features of minimal style. Furniture also has a simple design, avoiding more elegant patterns and opting for simpler straight lines- these traits indicate a minimal style.

Urban lifestyle – “Industrial”

You can understand how this one looks like just from hearing the name. This style imitates the inspiration of warehouse or urban lifestyle. In this style of décor, you can see unfinished wooden furniture or appliance design decor. High wooden ceilings, metallic pendant lights, and functional furniture will bring you the industrial style decor. The industrial decor style is very prominent and exclusive in the list of the popular interior design styles.

Fashionable style – “Bohemian”

A pillow with the photo of Christmas Carol
You can have the liberty to design the way you wish in this style

Bohemian is a trendy style in home decor and design. This style is quite eccentric. The first rule of this style is that there is no rule! This means that you have complete freedom to decorate the house as you wish. Everything from vintage furniture, fixture lights, colorful rugs, or any souvenir collected on the go will find a place in this bohemian style! Don’t be surprised if you see some boring chairs and cushions on the floor in a bohemian house! The bohemian style is a little different and a little colorful!

Natural Style – “Rustic”

You will find natural inspirations in rustic style. Rustic home decor is quite simple, classic, and deeply connected with nature. Everything from your furniture to the color or accessories of the house will have a touch of nature. To bring a rustic elegance to your home, you can decorate with wood, rope or tree roots, and natural colors.

Vintage Style – “Shabby Chic”

Vintage style brings something of a warm feeling to the room. The deco style of Shabby Chic is a lot like that! Inspired by the vintage style, this style has captured the hearts of many! Although this style has a little feminine touch. The use of lighter colors is a common feature in this style. Use white, cream, and pastel colors on walls as well as furniture. The soft-colored pendant lights and the frames hanging on the wall together can help make a feminine statement.

These are all highly popular interior design styles we use to make our house beautiful. Comment to let us know which is your favorite popular interior design style from here!

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