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The use of outdated construction methods in building your dream house can have severe results. These buildings unknowingly are living mines that may claim thousands of lives in a disaster. Buildings constructed with outdated methods and technologies like flat slab can be extremely vulnerable to earthquakes. These buildings can be marked as “Dangerous”. Also during construction with outdated technologies, there are several other risk factors involved. Let us find out about the importance of upgraded construction technology in order to avoid hazardous consequences.

A fast forward process integration

construction site
The use of construction technology has made lives of contractors easier to organize things

Technology is constantly evolving. The drastic change in many construction industries is leading them to peak efficiency. Advanced day-to-day operations are conducted with high text products. Therefore to survive in the competition and to integrate a fast forwardness, construction technologies must adhere to the blessings of technology.

In the current status quo, if we think about the overall construction industry, we can see that they have been quite slow in integrating new technological methodologies as well as a change in their own business models. In order to establish efficacy in day-to-day operations, upgrading of construction technology is a must.

Easier streamlines for project managers

Measurement recording
The project managers are getting accurate and precise measurements for their database

The days of developing a project manually are gone due to the advent of versatile technological advancements. Project managers no longer draw project outlines, maps, lists, illustrations, and work maps for their teams manually. Upgraded mobile technology and project management software and apps have allowed them to do this much more efficiently than in previous times.These digital records significantly simplify the method of constant communication with workers and simulate 3D models of projects. Furthermore, the records help control costs on site. Adopting these technologies reduce fragmentation of projects and streamline the operation.

Risk minimization

Construction workers
The risk factors are minimized to a maximum level if the most updated construction tools and techs are used

To understand how software can help control a construction project’s risk, it is important to realize the risks. Generally, the major risks of construction sites can be categorized into 3 main parts: Finance, Schedule/Roster, and Design/Aesthetics.


Exceeding the budget is basically a result of bad planning as well as proper coordination. In most of the projects in Bangladesh, there is a lack of surveillance and monitoring and the cost of building a house rises up. A well-generated regulator of accounts and financial report analysis can help to cut costs and keep a budget intact.


Time is the most precious resource in the construction industry. Every second count. Unplanned and poorly organized rosters can heavily impact your budget and increase it drastically. A smaller delay or withdrawal in a part can hamper the entire master roster, which is not cost-efficient at all. Therefore a proper roster created through various software by site engineers or project managers can help to keep track of time.


Many construction and post-construction risks are related to the design. The owners of present times pressurize for haste. An imbalance of design can actually be extremely fatal. Proper soil testing, rod testing as well as a mixture of the elements must be tested in the lab and approved before initiating the construction project using the construction technology tools.

Operational Dependency

Construction site
Operational dependency on technology helps to organize the work properly

The more the technology is upgraded, the more it captivates operational accuracy. Because the precise calculation on every level is measured by technological optimization. Be it the soil test, rod structure, pipe testing, or gasoline testing, modern tools, and machines used to get accurate automated results rather than approximate results are very important. This helps in deciphering the nature of the building to be constructed and how the work should be initiated by project managers. The use of automated machines help in the division of labor. The project managers can readily do these for the following underlying factors of using techno-tools of construction technology.

  • Access and safe storage of data, reports and documentation
  • Easy encryption of confidential information
  • Enhancing transparency and accountability
  • Better integrity and increased productivity
  • Easy division of labor
  • Fast processing of construction through uses of machinery such as automated brick mixers, articulated trucks, asphalt pavers, backhoe loaders, cold planers, compactors, compact trucks, and multi-terrain loaders, electric rope shovel, drills, excavators, forest machines, motor graders, off-highway trucks, hydraulic mining shovels, draglines, etc.

Utilization and saving energy and resources

high tech building
High tech buildings with automated systems help to utilize resources and energy

The Building Automation System (BAS) is becoming popular far and wide for a greener future. It is a centralized control panel that systematically monitors a building’s multifarious functionality. These include HVAC i.e Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning. Other amenities include automated lighting systems as well as safety from fire hazards, electrical short circuits, or water and gas leakages. In outdated buildings, these chains of systems do not have any kind of interconnection. As a result, most of them lead to massive energy-waste. Many contractors and project managers are collaborating to set up and integrate these. As a result, inefficiency in construction is being reduced, the cost is cut to the maximum, and unification of all under one control panel leads towards a cut in energy consumption as well.

Real-Estate companies in Bangladesh are developing and upgrading through equipping themselves with such technological advancements. Bproperty has also brought a revolution in Bangladesh after introducing the first-ever online real-estate marketplace. The entire sector is similarly getting dependent and upgraded through technological integration. With such advancements and assimilation, Bangladesh will be a powerhouse in the near future.

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