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Eid is a busy time, Qurbani Eid even more so. It starts with the visit to the haat (Eid’s livestock market) to find livestock of our liking, taking it back home, caring for it till the day, performing Qurbani, distributing it to family and the needy, cooking; the list goes on. With all the things that need doing, it’s important to stay prepared to stay in control of the situation. Most of the tasks are home related and so can be done by yourself. All you need to do to prepare your home for Eid is find yourself some time and some drive.

Keep your kitchen clean

clean kitchen
A clean kitchen is always great

The busiest place during both Eids is without a doubt the kitchen and there are a lot of different issues you can handle there yourself. We’ve already covered the basics of cleaning your kitchen. The kitchen is already going to see a lot of action during this time of the year, imagine the hassle of it being dirty and unorganized. Get at the kitchen cleaning ahead of time.

After cleaning comes time to check whether everything is in working order. Imagine preparing everything and setting the stove only to find it doesn’t work. Finding someone to fix this on Qurbani Eid would be miraculous. So if you can just take the initiative to check for maintenance issues ahead of the day, you can avoid all sorts of problems. Perhaps the problems are easy enough that you can fix them yourself.

Have enough space in your fridge or deep freezer

The fridge needs to be prepared

One of the most important aspects of Qurbani Eid is to have a fully functional storage unit like a fridge or a deep freezer. It’s best to make sure they work and that unnecessary things are not cluttering them up; make sure sufficient space is available well ahead of time. If possible, turn off the unit, thaw and clean it out over a day before putting it back to work. While you’re at it, clean behind and under the unit to. A clean work space will reduce the pressure on it and your electrical bill.

Check your doors and windows

door opening
You don’t want this squeaking all day, do you?

You probably won’t want to listen to the creaking of your doors on Eid morning. You probably won’t want to see that your windows aren’t opening in the morning either. So take advantage of the break you get before the holiday to prepare your home for Eid. These little maintenance tasks are easy enough to handle yourself, so get rid of them soon. First get to any spots that might rust with a clean dry cloth. Then use some WD40 (available at all hardware stores) or some sort of lubricant like olive oil. You’ll immediately notice a better feel and reduced noise. Don’t forget to clean the window grills and put up some nice curtains.

Clean the carpet and other accessories

cleaning floor
Clean everything you can reach

During Eid, you’ll find yourself entertaining a lot of guests and relatives. Making and keeping your house are imperative and one of the first things you should focus on cleaning up is the carpet. Dust, wipe and shake all the mess out of it. Make sure the surroundings are clear too so that dust doesn’t end up on the carpet all over again. Let guests come and be entertained in the cleanest of homes.

Make sure all water issues are handled

Is all water flowing freely?

Our custom is to wake up early, shower and head out for the Eid prayer. Everyone, even the person that usually wakes up past 12 on holidays, lines up to take a shower that morning. And it wouldn’t be unusual to see there’s a problem with the tap or there’s a shortage of water. We normally don’t worry about things like taps and water motors. But if they do go wrong on Eid, what could possibly be worse? Check everything out before hand. And even though this Qurbani Eid is taking place in a warm time, in case of a cold Eid day, check your water heater too. Water geysers might have problems too.

Eid means enjoyment. But that can all go wrong with a dirty place, lack of space in cold storage, and noisy doors. These little things can be taken care of easily, so get on them yourself before they hamper your Eid enjoyment. What else do you do to keep the house in top condition? Let us know what you think of our list of ways to prepare your home for Eid.

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