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Bproperty is the largest and only property solution provider in the country. No one else can provide services in Bangladesh on such a large scale and with such a customer-friendly attitude. The company seemingly has taken to the field with a plan to radically change the country’s real estate sector. Property buying and selling, renting, and interior development, Bproperty is making strides everywhere. And when it comes to home or property sales, why would you take the services of some no-name company instead of a multinational one? There are many reasons why you should buy and sell your property through a multinational company like Bproperty. At the end of the day, you gain a lot more in comparison by dealing with such an organization. Here are 4 profitable aspects of property sales through Bproperty.

1. Combination of unlimited buyers from various locations

ক্রয় - বিক্রয়
We arrange property fairs every year including a virtual property fair in 2020

Around 50,000 property information is currently listed on the Bproperty website, with around 400 thousand properties have been listed thus far. Property services have reached all parts of Dhaka city. Many people in areas around Dhaka like Purbachal, Tongi, and Savar have also come under Bproperty service coverage. Apart from this, there is a fully running office in the port city of Chittagong. Millions of people are taking our service from home and abroad. We have a total of 8 offices in Dhaka alone. Hundreds of people visit our offices and marketplaces every day.

If you want to sell a property through another company instead of us, they can only find a few buyers within their boundaries. But with our huge database of property and potential buyers, only Bproperty can guarantee you the right buyer and the right price to sell the property. And speaking of the profitable aspects of property sales, the first thing to do is to find a suitable buyer and get the right price.

2. Free Legal Verification Service

Legal advice
You will get any property-related legal advice

Suppose somehow you find a fairly good buyer from someone who provides general services. The buyer is also interested in your property. But after a little paperwork or a small legal battle, you can’t sell the property right now. But an experienced lawyer can easily solve this seemingly difficult problem by using his skills.

In such a situation, it is not possible for any real estate service provider but us to give you the legal support you need without the sole proprietorship. Therefore, only Bproperty has a dedicated and skilled, and experienced legal team in the country who can give legal advice regarding your property properly. And the best thing is that neither the buyer nor the seller has to bear any additional charge for such an exclusive service. Bproperty is providing this legal service without any extra fee or charge! That is your profit at the end of the day. This is one of the most lucrative profitable aspects of property sales through us.

3. The best property marketing in the country

Project viewing
Our marketing team is working day and night for the marketing of exclusive properties to you.

There is a saying that any publicity is good publicity. In today’s modern world, selling property by word of mouth is often a daunting task. But unfortunately, no real estate service providers have been set up to keep pace with the times, using modern prop-tech to buy and sell properties.

As the first full-fledged real estate service provider in the country, Bproperty is also unique in this area. Bproperty has a dedicated marketing team just for marketing your property. We have the best property website in the country. Every day thousands of visitors visit this website in search of their desired properties. And once your property is fully listed on our website, various sophisticated technologies are used.

We have 360-degree virtual tours available on our website which is one of the profitable aspects of property sales through Bproperty. With this, an interested buyer can just sit at home and use our website to turn the camera around to see the interior condition and furnishing of any property. Also, we regularly organize special events from our Facebook page with millions of likes – Property Live. In this, a presenter comes on Facebook Live and shows everything about the specific property to the viewers. Again, we have special arrangements for each exclusive listing of internal videos. In this case, a team trained by us goes and brings a video image of the entire property and links it to the listing page of that particular property. As if any buyer can check it. Getting such dedicated marketing benefits is certainly one of the most lucrative aspects of selling a property.

4. Expert Property Advisors and Sales Representatives

profitable aspects of property sales through bproperty expert advices
Our experts will always help you out by knowing your demands and providing you with the best of services

Many times we prefer or need some consultation for any action. If the counselor himself is not experienced and qualified, then the consultee is in danger. And when the subject matter is as big as the sale of a property, then advice should be sought only from someone who is experienced and dedicated. All the property advisors of Bproperty are highly experienced and skilled in their work. And they are always ready to help you in any way. Besides, our sales representatives will present your property to a buyer as if he were selling his property. They will also help you determine the value of your property at current market prices and select customers. This support is not available anywhere else as a profitable aspect of property sales.

From listing to selling a property, to marketing the property, looking at the legal aspects, ensuring its presence online and offline, and finally selling it, every step of the way, with the seller of the property, Bproperty gives him all kinds of support which are really great. Only we can give such support in the country. Henceforth after knowing all the profitable aspects of property sales here, you should sell your property through Bproperty!


  1. Finally, get out there and get to know the movers and shakers in your local market. The more colleagues and mentors you can find, the better your chances of weathering the ups and downs of a career in real estate. You can make money in real estate.



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