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Bproperty, being the largest online property portal in Bangladesh, has a vast number of property listings in the database. With hundreds being added each day, how do you determine which of them are the best apartments? If you are in the market to buy properties for you and your family but short on time, take a look at the following list of the properties for sale we’ve added to our database in the month of July.

Open Apartment Near the Heart of Gulshan 2

 one of the best apartments at Gulshan 2
You cannot put a price on serenity, can you?

Let’s begin with a beautiful  2,000 sq. ft. open apartment nearby Gulshan 2 circle.  It is one of the most elegant properties for sale in the city right now. The spacious rooms, beautiful white tiles, double-glazed windows and modernised lights amplify the beauty and openness of this dazzling apartment.

Additionally, the positioning of the apartment makes it a ‘must-have’ for anyone who is looking for a serene place to live. Even being a mere few minutes’ walks from the heart of Gulshan 2, the immediate surrounding area of the building provides a nice and quiet atmosphere for the residents. You are never far from the hustle and bustle of city life, but not close enough for it to become an annoyance. It is also one of the few places in Dhaka that is resistant to flooding during rain. With such spectacular features, you need to move fast to be the lucky owner of this real estate.

Ready Apartment on Banani Road No. 21

luxury apartment at Banani
One of a kind luxury apartment like this is hard to find, grab it before anyone else does

Banani is a popular posh area in Dhaka with luxury flats, a secure locale and, of course, trendy places to eat. This elegant 2,340 sq. ft. ready flat at Banani is the perfect abode for those moving up in the world. The apartment comes with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms to accommodate you and your family. Considering the size and location, the price of the apartment is very affordable. Furthermore, as a resident of this comfy apartment, you won’t have to worry about dining out. Some of the best places to eat are just across the road. The apartment building also hosts features such as 24/7 security, a conference room, electricity backup, and even a garden; everything needed for luxurious living.

Delightful Flat Beside Banani Police Station

Banani apartment near police station
Banani apartment at this location is really a dream come true for many buyers

The 2nd entry from Banani in this month’s list of the top Properties for sale is situated right next to the Banani Police station on road no. 7. Residents of this delightful 2,305 sq. ft. apartment at Banani can rest easy knowing there’s always a formidable security force next door. As for the interior, the apartment comes with 3 beds & 3 baths, exquisite floors and ample space in the kitchen. The modern structure and design of the building enhances its charm. A lovely afternoon visit to the Baisakhi Park on the adjacent street can be a great way to spend time with your family. All of it makes this particular real estate popular among property hunters.

Spacious Apartment in Gulshan 1

A definition of true family sized apartment at Gulshan 1
A definition of true family sized apartment at Gulshan 1

Introducing a spacious 2,650 sq. ft. flat nestled in Gulshan 1. Coming in with all the facilities of a comfy home, the apartment is located in the perfect place to provide its residents with all necessary amenities within a stone’s throw. The Embassy of Vietnam is also on the same street. Meaning, dwellers in the surrounding area enjoy a serene and secure environment. Individuals who have offices in the nearby area benefit the most, as they can reach their destinations within minutes. You’ll also never have to worry about transportation. There’s always an abundance of Uber and Pathao rides along with buses and rickshaws. Thanks to what this apartment brings to the table, experts at Bproperty predict this particular piece of real estate to be a great hit.

Affordable Flat in North-East of Gulshan 1 Circle

 One of the top porperties at Gulshan 1 is now ready sale
Indulge in ultimate lux with this Gulshan 1 ready apartment

If you are looking for an affordable apartment near Gulshan than this spectacular 1,800 sq. ft. flat at Gulshan 1 is just the right fit. The apartment falls on the leaner side in comparison to the other entries in this list of the best properties for sale of the month. A beautiful dining along with a spacious kitchen means you can have a feast anytime your heart desires. Developers of the apartment also focused on providing its residents with a peaceful living by ensuring 24/7 security & CCTV surveillance, internet connection and a dedicated cleaning service.

If you are looking to move in right away, this cosy little place of Gulshan 1 circle is ready to welcome new residents.

Spectacular 4 Bedroom Apartment in Bashundhara R/A

One of the best properties for sale in Bashundhara
One of the best picks from Bashundhara is now up for sale!

The next entry in our list of the best real estate of the month comes from Bashundhara R/A, Block-D. This 2,345 sq. ft. 4 bedroom apartment at Bashundhara R/A is fitted with all features that you want from a luxurious modern home, but with the added benefit of having crucial amenities at an arm’s length. The renowned Apollo Hospital is just 3 minutes away for the apartment, ready to provide you with world-class treatment. There’s also a dedicated open restaurant area for food lovers. The location of the apartment also enables residents to bypass the traffic jam at Bashundhara gate through a back road near Apollo Hospital. Both interior and exterior perks make this apartment one of the best properties you can get your hands on right now.

One of the luxurious properties for sale Near Dhanmondi Lake

Find the best and top properties unlike any only at Bproperty
Devour the greenery and live in serenity at the heart of Dhanmondi with an apartment like this one

It can be difficult not to fall in love when viewing this elegant 2,560 sq. ft. flat at Dhanmondi. This apartment can easily captivate anyone with its exquisite doors, cleverly placed showcases, spacious balconies and open floor design. As a resident of this graceful apartment, you won’t have to worry about convenience either. Be it shopping complexes, eateries or places to spend your afternoon, almost everything is within reach. The nearby Dhanmondi Lake is a tremendous place to spend a lazy afternoon hanging out with your friends. If you or your family members are into sports, the Abahani field presents the perfect opportunity to stretch those legs. This 4 bedroom apartment is currently up for grabs for anyone who is looking for a convenient place for residence.

How many of these properties meet your requirements? Pay a visit to the largest property portal in Bangladesh and find your dream home. Bproperty website and its experts are always there to help you acquire the best properties for sale. For any query or services, please drop by. Experts will be glad to serve.

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