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We have thousands of properties available on our website but some stand out that we believe could become your perfect next home. Today we highlight these properties so you can find out if these are exactly what you have been looking for.

1,015 sft ready apartment for sale in Khilkhet


This 1,015 sft ready apartment for sale in Khilkhet is a great catch if you can get your hands on it. With 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, along with 2 balconies, this quaint house can quickly become your dream home with the right touches. Enjoy a large middle portion of the property functioning as a joint living and dining space that is connected to a beautifully tiled kitchen area. Walk past this area and you enter either of the bedrooms, both with attached balconies and one with an attached bathroom. Move fast and book this budget friendly property today.

large 2,015 sft apartment for sale in Dhanmondi


Step into this rather large 2,015 sft apartment for sale in Dhanmondi and discover what you have been looking for in a new home. This spacious apartment has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 3 balconies spread over a beautiful layout.

Walking in, you find a huge living or dining space, as you please, that connects to one of the balconies. It also leads to 2 bedrooms, each with an attached bathroom and one with an attached balcony. The third bedroom is across the house, just past a very spacious kitchen, and right next to you drawing room area, which can be converted into another smaller bedroom. With a wonderful layout and much room for customization, you should really book this property today and start living the life you were meant to.

1,669 sft apartment for sale in Dhanmondi

3558064This 1,669 sft apartment for sale in Dhanmondi is one of our most prepared houses. The 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom and 4 balcony apartment comes with vibrant walls, various forms of finishing on the walls, and a personality of its own.

Entering the home, all the different rooms fan out to you – a drawing room with an attached balcony, the dining space with a connected kitchen and bathroom, and a living area with a balcony that leads to the 3 bedrooms. 2 of these bedrooms come with attached bathrooms and one has its own balcony. Enter this in your weekend property visit to see first hand how welcoming the property is and then decide for yourself how quickly you want to move in.

Stay tuned to the blog for more property updates. If these properties don’t interest you, rest assured our thousands of other listings will meet your requirements. Visit the to find your next home because new properties are added everyday.

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