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There are many people in Bangladesh who go abroad for work, looking to create a better life for themselves and their families. They go to places like the Middle East, South-East Asia, Europe, and North America, and build a new life for themselves. But their roots will always be in Bangladesh, and they look for many ways to stay connected with their roots. One of the best ways to do that is to invest in real estate in Bangladesh. But it isn’t easy for a Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) to buy property in Bangladesh, as they will face many hassles. Thankfully, services such as Bproperty make Property Buying in Bangladesh for NRBs a bit easier. Today, we will look at how Bproperty helps NRBs buy property in Bangladesh.

Ability To View Properties Remotely

One of the first difficulties that NRBs face when buying property is the fact that they cannot view properties to buy when they’re abroad. And coming to Bangladesh just to purchase property might be a hassle for many. This makes it very important that they can view properties remotely from their country of residence, and make a shortlist of properties that they might want to buy. Thankfully, Bproperty makes all these possible, as each listing is very detailed, and comes paired with photos and videos of the property. This makes it possible for anybody to do a virtual tour of the property that they like and make a decision based on that.

Properties sold by Bproperty are verified

Verified Properties

Property Buying in Bangladesh for NRBs is also made difficult by the fact that in most cases, it is very difficult to properly vet a property and ensure that all the documents are updated and valid. This is especially difficult when the buyer is someone who lives abroad. Here at Bproperty, we have a dedicated legal team with lawyers who are ready to vet and verify any property that you wish to purchase, ensuring that all documents are in order. They also help out with filing and retrieving documents if and when required.

Trusted Real Estate Services Provider

Another difficulty in Property Buying in Bangladesh for NRBs is the fact that there is a real danger of being scammed when buying properties. And since NRBs cannot physically be there to buy properties most of the time, it is very easy to be duped by an untrustworthy real estate agent or company. With Bproperty being such a trusted brand with years of experience in buying, selling, and renting properties, there is no such worry. So NRBs can buy and rent out their properties through Bproperty’s channels without any worry.

Bproperty is a trusted real estate service provider

Tenant Management

If you’re an NRB who wants to rent out their property, then Bproperty has just the right service for you. With PayRent, Bproperty will allow you a channel via which you can receive rent from your tenants via online payment. Normally, receiving rent from tenants would be a hassle for NRBs, since they’d have to do it through relatives or a third party. But with Bproperty PayRent and tenant management services, NRBs can receive rent seamlessly from their tenants.

Home Maintenance

Bproperty also offers home maintenance services for landlords, and this can come in very handy for NRBs, as this will allow them to take care of their tenants remotely from their own countries of residence. When a tenant reports any issues, Bproperty ensures that that issue is taken care of and fixed properly, and the tenant will not need to bother the landlord who is living abroad with such issues.

In today’s blog, we took a look at property buying for NRBs in Bangladesh through Bproperty, along with how Bproperty’s tenant management services will help landlords. If you’re an NRB looking to buy a property through Bproperty or wishing to use Bproperty PayRent, visit our website for more information. 

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