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When you are the manager of your own property, it is your responsibility to look after and protect the asset to ensure its longevity and durability. And this responsibility only extends when you become a landlord. It is also your duty to ensure whether your tenants are interacting with the property the right way or not. So it’s better to have knowledge of how to properly manage and maintain your property so that it lasts longer and garners a better value proposition during property valuation. With that being said, here are some of the most essential property maintenance tips to abide by.

Maintain a logbook

book, logbook
A logbook can help distinguish the visitors

Maintaining a log book is one of the most important property maintenance tips that I can’t stress enough. It will allow you to keep a clear record of what is happening on your property and boost security. Guards should be trained to maintain a logbook to record visitor entries. And after recording their log, guards should contact the host to inform them of their visitor’s presence through an intercom. A lot of the time, security guards are not properly trained to maintain a logbook, therefore, it is your duty to make of that.

Surveillance system

surveillance system, cctv
CCTV camera setup can greatly help secure the surrounding area

It is the owner’s responsibility to keep the property and its surrounding area safe. Although everyone has a part in this, initially the owner must take necessary precautions to prevent any unpleasant occurrences. And there is no better way to ensure proper safety inside and outside the building than employing a robust surveillance system. That is to say, as an owner of the property, you should place CCTV cameras to cover every nook and corner of your property. Your rooftop, corridor, and garage are some of the most important places to put a CCTV camera. You can also hang a sign on the door informing people the building is under surveillance system. That way you can alert the intruders not to trespass on the property without permission.

Water storage tank clean-up

Water storage tank, reserve tank
Always keep your water reserve tank clean to avoid getting plagued with health issues

As it is important to ensure an uninterrupted water supply inside the building, it is equally important to make sure the water you are using is clean and safe. And to ensure the water is hygienic and safe to use, it is recommended that you clean your water storage tank at least once in 2-3 months. There are a lot of companies that can provide you with water storage tank cleaning services. But before taking the service, let everyone in the building know of the coming interruption so that they can take necessary actions to avoid water shortage.

Incorporating fence

Fence around the house can greatly help prevent burglaries from happening.

In order to protect the property from intruders and unwanted occurrences, it is essential to secure your property with physical barriers, especially in the context of Bangladesh. Usually, every property has security guards to ensure proper security in the building, however, it is wiser to put physical barriers such as steel grills to seal off any opening in the building premise. This is because while unwanted occurrences are less likely to happen in broad daylight, the same thing can’t be said at night. That is the reason why putting a fence around the property is among the most essential property maintenance tips to follow for the owners.  

Routine property inspection for fault

Routine check
Make a routine to inspect your house for fault to keep things in control

Having a routine property inspection regime is essential if you want your property to last longer and without any interruptions. To that end, make sure the drainage system is functioning properly. Take notes if any issue arises and try to solve it immediately, otherwise, it can turn into a much bigger issue to handle without spending big money. So inspect routinely to check whether there is any blockage in the drainage system or not. Do the same for your gas, water, and electricity connections. Check if there is any leakage in the water pipe or gas pipe, check the expiration date on the fire extinguisher, and make sure to take every necessary precaution to prevent short circuits in your property.

In this article, we tried to give you a basic understanding of what property owners should check when maintaining their properties. And to successfully do that, it is important that you follow these property maintenance tips to ensure that your property is properly maintained and protected.

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