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Before buying or selling any property, thousands of questions naturally pop into your mind. Concerns arise about the authenticity of the asset, quality, property management financials and even sometimes about the opposite party in the agreement. By default, real estate transactions are meant to be scrutinized until you have obtained enough information and developed the confidence to sign the deal. However, what if you didn’t have to bear with these hassles? What if you could immediately place your trust in any estate and make the transaction much easier?

Bproperty, the number one real estate marketplace in Bangladesh, is offering this exact property management service. With more than 80,000 verified properties throughout the country, Bproperty is taking buyers and sellers one step ahead. So, how are properties managed by Bproperty different than others that you come across every day? Let’s find out.

Verification of The Sellers

Seller’s verification is one of the topmost requirement for a Bproperty estate

Unlike every other item sold in the market, sellers play an essential role during any property transaction. Any minor loopholes in the legal documents might bring severe consequences for the buyer and so, buyers are primarily concerned about the authenticity of the sellers. Also, as a buyer, how many properties can you check and verify before coming to a decision?

Hence, every property managed by Bproperty is thoroughly checked and verified, and only the ones that qualify are given clearance for transactions. With a heavily experienced team, Bproperty can identify authentic sellers by thoroughly verifying the property background.

property management & quality assurance

quality check of properties managed by Bproperty
Bproperty experts ensure quality every time before presenting a property to buyers

How would you differentiate two properties regarding quality? Would you be comfortable investing in an estate without knowing it’s durability? Bproperty understands the needs for proper real estate management in the market and the valued clients.

Thus a property has to go through the rigorous quality check before being listed on the company website; already making it different from any general property on the market. Bproperty salespersons then only approach the qualified ones for further legal proceedings, resulting in a more concrete assurance. Hence, whenever you see a green & white coloured Bproperty sign hanging outside the main door of an apartment building, you can be sure of its quality.

Broader Advertisement Exposure

broad advertisement for property management in Bangladesh
Bproperty’s broad customer base makes it possible to precisely market properties to target customers

Suppose you are to sell one of your apartments and you have hanged a ‘for sale’ sign right outside the balcony of the apartment. How many potential buyers would that sign attract? Unless or until you involve another media, only those who are physically present will see the advertisement. At such a slow pace, it could take years before you get so much as a phone call from an interested buyer.

However, properties that are under Bproperty’s management have a wider base of potential clients from all over the world. With a few simple clicks, anyone can instantly find your property. On top of that, dedicated salespersons tirelessly work to find the best match for clients. Doing so, only interested and genuine buyers get to inspect the property in person, saving time and money for both parties.

Authentic Buyers

authentic buyers in real estate management
Only the verified buyers are eligible to transact through bproperty

Just like the sellers, placing trust in a buyer is equally important in a property transaction as it is for the sellers. Which is why only the authentic buyers are eligible to be the prime customers of a Bproperty estate. Bproperty’s efficient client management system and seasoned sales team can filter out genuine buyers and find properties that best match their requirements. This way, both parties are more likely to gain trust and become comfortable with the transaction.

Customized Requirement Fulfillment

customer requirement
With Bproperty, you will never run out of options before deciding on your dream estate.

Apart from making a few minor changes, you cannot instantly modify a ready flat. Be that as it may, it is somewhat reasonable to find a suitable apartment that can match client requirements than making changes as per the requirement. Every day, Bproperty receives an influx of hundreds of new and verified properties. Continuous additions to Bproperty’s vast inventory makes it possible and more accessible to find the best property for clients. As a result, Bproperty can ensure property availability regardless of the type and customized requirements, guaranteeing satisfied clients, every time.

Legal & Financial Support

Bproperty provides complete legal and financial support unlike other real estate companies in Bangladesh
Here at Bproperty, every transaction is secured both legally and financially, as per the customer requirement

Bproperty is the only entity that provides a one-stop real estate solution in the country. A unique service design allows Bproperty to offer any related legal and financial support during the asset transaction. Besides the primary legal verification process, Bproperty also takes responsibility for preparing and completing necessary legal requirements. Side by side, financial guidance is provided to clients based on their needs.

Being one of the best real estate management companies, not only does Bproperty ensure the most secure marketplace for sellers, but it also provides quality homes to only the truest of buyers. Property management in Bangladesh never used to be as straightforward before, but now with Bproperty,

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