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Bangladesh has been quite promising when it comes to the property market. To give you a glimpse of the growth of the market, let’s take a look at our GDP growth rate. According to Trading Economics, just within a year, our GDP grew 7.11%, which makes Bangladesh one of the fastest growing economies in the world. People have now higher disposable income meaning they are looking for investments and savings. Moreover, investing in real estate (mostly for apartments) is one of the safest and profitable investments in Bangladesh. That is because property prices have appreciated five times than it was a couple of years ago. This indicates the growth of the market and more people are placing trust on their investments.

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It’s quite challenging to find the perfect home

However, while many people are looking for real estate investments, this has also created an opportunity for unethical means as well. Some people lure others into purchasing/selling properties and make illegal profits out of this. Hence, this has raised concern about finding authentic buyers and sellers. In a country like Bangladesh, it is quite hard to find such reliable parties and make a deal. Therefore, people needed a service which they could trust about finding the right buyer and seller. This is where Bproperty comes in, and helps you in finding your desired home. is a part of one of the world’s largest property group Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG). EMPG  owns the largest property portal in Dubai,, and also (Pakistan). Our operation started back in January 2016. We aim to make property searching more accessible and finding the right buyer/seller/landlord/tenant for you. That is how we plan to change the misconception about the market by being the most trusted property portal in Bangladesh.


Currently, we have our HQ in Nikunja, Dhaka. Also, we have operations in Chittagong and Sylhet as well. For now, we cover most desirable areas in Dhaka. We plan to increase our operation gradually over time. Interestingly, just with a year of launching, we have managed to gain massive popularity among our target customers, and it is growing ever since.

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Our Dedicated Team will serve you with verified information

With a team of 130+ spread across the country, our operation is designed efficiently to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Unlike others, when we present a property to you, we make sure it is suitable for you in almost every way. That is how, every time a client avails our service, we have the confidence of giving the best service in the country. Hence, it becomes easier for you to find your desired property and we get the happy customers, every time.

People Trust Our Services


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Most Trusted Property Portal

Our core service focuses on property sales and rents, for both residential and corporate purpose. However, we offer more than just connecting buyers and sellers. We ensure that you always get the right information you seek. If you are a buyer, we will make sure you get your desired property hassle free, and if you are the seller, we will make sure you get the authentic buyers with the right motive. That is how we stand out in the market by providing the genuine information, every time. Additionally, for us, it is not just about the property we find for you, we make sure you have a safe investment for your future. That is how we are turning into the most trusted property portal in Bangladesh by providing best service in the country.

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