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Of a city or area, everything, from how it will function to the overall sustainability of the settlement depends on the infrastructure and its implementation. Purbachal American City by US Bangla assets Ltd., in that sense, is undoubtedly a high functioning and self-sustained city, which is meticulously planned and has a huge potential to become the perfect utopian city of the future. From every modern amenity and facility to all the essence of sustaining a perfectly balanced lifestyle, if anyone wants to live life to its fullest, Purbachal American City meets that desire.


Purbachal American City
Purbachal American City offers a plethora of modern amenities
Project Name Purbachal American City
Developed By US-Bangla Assets Ltd.
Project Address Purbachal
Number of Plots 18,000
Land Area 8000 bigha
Plot Sizes 2.8 – 20 Katha
Road Sizes 25 ft., 30 ft., 35 ft., 40 ft., 45 ft., 50 ft., 60 ft., 80 ft., 100 ft., 130 ft., 164 ft.
Lake Width 150 ft.


Purbachal American City
Purbachal American City is nearby all the necessary services and locations

When it comes to an immovable asset, location plays a vital role during the valuation of the asset. The more closely it is built to other important areas or establishments the better it can be appreciated. That being said, Purbachal American City is only 9.0 km away from RAJUK Purbachal New Town, 16.0 km away from Kuril Flyover, 20.2 km away from the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, and only 21.9 km away from Gulshan 2 circle. Meaning, Purbachal American City is within close proximity to a large number of prestigious educational institutions, hospitals, and markets. And since Purbachal is one of the most rapidly growing areas of Dhaka, it will take no time to grow into an ideal smart city of the future.

Why invest in Purbachal American City

Purbachal American City
There are numerous zones, including duplex zones and commercial zones

As mentioned before, the location of an immovable asset is one of the key elements that determine the valuation of the asset. And depending on the future prospect and development opportunity of the location, the price can increase dramatically. In that case, Purbachal American City is packed with future development opportunities. First off, the entire project is situated in a non-flooding zone. That means the land price will not see any depreciation due to flood-related issues. Speaking of development opportunities, the area is ready to develop and is already undergoing many development projects.

Furthermore, having multiple options for plots with a duplex zone and having a location right next to Asian Highway and Dhaka-Sylhet Highway makes Purbachal American City the ultimate investment project for now and the future.


From unparalleled urban planning to ultra-modern facilities and amenities, Purbachal American City is the perfect choice for people who don’t want to settle for anything less. With supermarkets on every block, shopping malls, and hospitals; there will be no shortage of facilities needed for sustaining a lifestyle that is smart and comfortable at the same time. There are numerous educational institutions planned to be developed in the area to ensure a solid base for your children. And along with Green University, there are other prominent institutions nearby that can cater to all your education needs.

The settlement also includes parks with exotic plants and flowers to keep you refreshed and will immerse you in the exotic and lush greenery of nature. Wide playgrounds and amusement parks will cater to your children’s entertainment needs. Safety and security is a priority and very important. In other words, the entire area is equipped with top-notch security systems and smart safety features to ensure secure living. So you don’t have to worry about the security and privacy of you as well as your family.

Available plot size

Purbachal American City
There are various options when it comes to plot sizes

There are different plot sizes available at Purbachal American City. Be it commercial or residential, you will be able to construct the building you need, regardless of the size of the property.

For residential plots:

  • 2.8 Katha
  • 3 Katha
  • 3.5 Katha
  • 4 Katha
  • 5 Katha
  • 6 Katha

For commercial plots:

  • 10 Katha
  • 20 Katha

Considering how rapidly the project is growing, it won’t take much longer for this project to fully flourish into a utopian high-tech city of the future. Also, the entire project is putting emphasis on building a more sustainable future by using green energy and a passive home concept. 

Do not miss the chance to own a place that has every potential to become the perfect city of your dream, give our expert a call at 9612451342 today.

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