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For those looking for a peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of Dhaka city, Bproperty has a fantastic new project – Purbachal Marine City. Developed by Atlantic Properties & Development Ltd., this project offers you the opportunity to be a part of the future of Dhaka city, in a sprawling metropolis that is slated to become the premier residential area for the future citizens of Dhaka. In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into what Purbachal Marine City has to offer for all its stakeholders.


Purbachal Marine City

Purbachal Marine City is located right next to Rajuk’s Purbachal New Town project. Sized at 1,338 Bigha, the project has over 4,000 plots for sale, many of which have been sold already.

Project Name Purbachal Marine City
Developed By Atlantic Properties & Development Ltd.
Project Location Daudpur, Rupganj, Narayanganj
Land Area 1,338 Bigha
Number of Plots 4,000 approx
Plot Sizes 3 – 12.5 Katha
Road Sizes 100 ft., 60 ft., 40 ft., 25 ft.


Purbachal Marine City is a massive project with well-organized rows of plots

Purbachal Marine City presents you with the opportunity to be a part of the future of Dhaka as the city expands eastward. The Purbachal Kanchan Bridge is just a short ride away. The Airport, Uttara, Gulshan, and Kuril Highway are also within reach.

Location Distance
Purbachal RAJUK sector 21, 22, 30 Next To Project
Kanchan bridge 4.4 km (7 min)
Kuril Highway 16.8 km (22 min)
Shahjalal International Airport 20 km (26 min)
Uttara 21.8 km (28 min)
Gulshan 22 km (30 min)

Why Invest In Marine City

This project is situated on top of natural high-land and is ready for immediate development. The hard soil also makes constructing homes much easier. The neighborhoods of Purbachal Marine City are going to be very planned and organized, with a wide network of spacious roads. The value of your investment will grow multiple times as time passes, with the area experiencing rapid growth.

  • Situated in a non-flooding zone
  • Natural high-land and hard soil
  • Ready for immediate development
  • Comprehensively planned and organized
  • Rapidly developing area in a convenient location
  • Wide network of spacious roads
  • Connecting road to important areas of Dhaka


There are numerous lakes located inside Purbachal Marine City

Purbachal American City is destined to be an absolute residential area with all the necessities, amenities, and luxuries that one can think of – all concentrated in one place. It features carefully segmented zones for commercial spaces, educational institutions, medical facilities, multiple parks, a marvelous lake, and many other amenities. 

  • Shopping Malls & Super Shops
  • Modern Medical Facilities
  • Multiple Schools & Colleges
  • Ample Greenery With Parks & Gardens
  • Police Station, Security Checkpoints, Fire Station

Plot Types

These are the available plot sizes:

  • 12.5 Katha
  • 10 Katha
  • 7.5 Katha
  • 5 Katha
  • 3 Katha

And these are the different types of plots available:

  • West/East/North Facing
  • South Facing
  • General Corner
  • 40’ Road Side
  • 60’ Avenue
  • 40’ Corner
  • 60’ Avenue Corner
  • Lake View

If you’re interested to book a plot in Purbachal Marine City, call 09612451322 and get in touch with our property experts! And keep up with the Bproperty blog for updates on the latest projects being exclusively marketed by Bproperty.

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