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This week, we will give you insight on the job of an interior designer: what do they do, and how can they help you shape or redesign your property to bring out its full potential?

  1. What does an interior designer do?
  2. The service of interior designers can be helpful to all kinds of house owners. If you have invested a lot of money in your property and want it to look as appealing as possible, interior designers are the ones to turn to. Their responsibility is to create a stylish and modern environment and organize the space in both functional and trendy way.
  3. Is hiring an interior designer expensive?
  4. We often hear owners say “It’s too expensive” at any mention of an interior designer or decorator. It is however not always the case, and hiring a designer can save you money, time and energy. Their experience allows them to find clever ways to make the most of the space, whilst staying within a given budget.
  5. Is there a particular difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer?
  6. Essentially, both will help you improve the look of your property, whether it be residential or commercial. Whilst an interior designer is a governmentally recognized title, allowing someone in this role to work on the architecture of a property right from drawing the initial plans to the last decoration item, a decorator comes in when the building part is complete and focuses on the aesthetics. For example, they choose the best colors for the walls or optimize space, finding the best furniture and decoration within a given budget.
  7. Should I hire an interior designer?
  8. For structure-related work such as space allotment, expanding a room, installing walls, doors, or windows, hiring a designer can be worth it. To do this alone would take a lot of time, effort and stress. Owners who renovate their properties from scratch often hire interior designers to re-plan rooms and allot the space accordingly.

For decoration tasks such as choosing wallpapers, furnishing, mood lighting or renovating your home with a fresh look and a “wow effect”, an interior decorator is what you need. Although you can do it on your own, a decorator’s years of experience will ensure the delivery of professional and outstanding results.

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