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Eid ul-Fitr was celebrated in quite the hearty fashion this year. We took our 9 day holiday and had quite a time. The time of Eid is full of piousness, joy, care and enjoyment. DO let us know how your last Eid went. This article, however, is about Qurbani Eid celebrations. We’ll briefly look at the origins and global impact of the day. Let’s begin.

Qurbani Eid

livestock market
Qurbani Eid is a special kind of time

We have 2 Eids every year. One is Eid ul-fitr that everyone refers to as Ramadan’s Eid, and the other is Eid ul-Adha that everyone refers to as Qurbani Eid. Qurbani comes from Qurban – sacrifice – as in sacrifice to Allah. In Islamic Shariah, that animal sacrifice which is halal and performed in the right and religious manner is an appropriate sacrifice to Allah. Qurbani is to be performed between the 10th and 12th days of the Lunar Zilhaj month, though Qurbani on the 10th day is more traditional and preferred. The purpose of sacrifice is to achieve the satisfaction of the Divine Lord through the sharing of happiness between people in accordance with the law of God. The sacrifice is to be divided into 3 parts, with one part being given away as charity. This is to instill a sense of sharing within people. Qurbani is also a must for anyone who is capable of it.

Qurbani Eid Culture

Bangladesh flag
Bangladesh has its own traditional practices

Muslims are the largest religious share in the country. And for this, we see that the two Eids of the year are given the highest priorities. And though we see Islam have a dominant stance in the country, people of every religion take a huge part in Qurbani Eid celebrations because it becomes impossible to not be a part of.

11th August might be Qurbani Eid in Saudi Arabia, and Bangladesh tends to have its Eids the day after Saudi Arabia does. Therefore we can assume Eid here will be on the 12th. We can already see the many Qurbani haats in the city packing up with people looking at thousands of local and foreign cows. Many countries sacrifice buffalo, goats and camels, but we tend to prefer cows.

How Eid is Celebrated

Eid Prayers In Barashalghar, Debidwar, Comilla
Mass Eid prayer is common practice

For women, almost all celebrations include the use of mehendi or henna; be it a wedding or a cultural event. And drawing with henna on the night before has become somewhat of a tradition over the years. Regardless of religion, everyone celebrates Eid now. And though there is a lot to do, it’s not celebrated as loudly as Eid ul-fitr since everyone is more focused on performing Qurbani and its attached responsibilities. But that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyed heartily.

After the morning prayer, everyone gathers for the Qurbani of the chosen animal. It is tradition for the men of the household to refrain from eating till after Qurbani is performed. Then begins the carving of the animal and partitioning it. One part is kept, one is for friends and neighbors and the last is for those in need.

The three days of Qurbani Eid celebrations are quite amazing. There’s no end to eating and roaming around. Children running around collecting their salami – Eid money – from early morning. All in all, it’s an amazing time.

9-day Eid Holiday

Such a long break from work and school!

Everyone has a three-day government holiday, the day before Eid, the day itself, and the day after Eid. But this year is special; taking one strategic day off will grant you a very long Qurbani Eid celebrations period. The week starts off with the three-day Eid holiday and ends with one day off; 15th August, a day of sadness for the nation. If you can take the day in-between off, you land yourself a long 9 day weekend. Oddly, but wonderfully, even Eid ul-fitr has this awesome situation with a 9 day holiday.

Qurbani Eid is the second-most heavily celebrated occasion for Muslims across the world. In Bangladesh, every starts traveling back to their family homes. So where are you having your Qurbani Eid celebrations this year? And how do you normally celebrated the day? Leave us a quick comment.

Eid Mubarak!

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