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Fire is one of the basic elements of life, which, if not handled properly, can cause widespread destruction. Coupled with the fact that we use fire in some form or another to power our modern lifestyle, all of us should have proper knowledge about fire hazards as well as safety measures. In lieu of recent incidents, we feel it’s everyone’s duty to try our best to raise fire safety awareness among the masses who are still unaware.

Recent Tragedies

The aftermath of FR Tower fire
The aftermath of FR Tower fire

We have experienced some of the worst fire-related disasters in the history of the country over the last few years. Just this year, two terrible fires exposed how vulnerable our buildings are. The fire at Chawkbazar opened our eyes to the frequency of fires in our country, and the fire at FR Tower showed that even many of the so-called ‘modern buildings’ lack the proper fire safety measures. Around 100 people lost their lives in those two fires; lives that might not have been lost if there were more fire safety awareness among the people. According to Dhaka Tribune, on average, there was 53 fire-related incidents every day in 2018! That is a staggering number! Another incident that many still remember is the 2012 Tazreen Garments fire. More than 100 people burned to death due to a lack of fire safety measures in the factory.

Fire Hazards

match house on fire
It is quite easy for flames to spread to other flammable objects

It takes very little for a fire to become a blaze. A simple spark or flame can quickly spread to other items and engulf all things around it. Unfortunately, our modern life is full of items that can pose fire hazards. And these items are not always plain to see either. Take closets for example. Closets are usually not a concern when it comes to fire. They contain clothes and maybe a bulb to help you see. However, if that bulb is a high-intensity incandescent light bulb and you leave it on for a long time, it might accidentally ignite your more flammable clothes. This is, of course, an extreme case, but not unheard of. Open flames, chewed up electrical wires, and gas cylinders are just some of the fire hazards our homes and offices are filled with.

Fire Safety Measures

A warning sign of emergency exit
Having a designated fire exit is compulsory for today’s buildings

Along with learning about fire hazards, knowing the preventative measures is an important element in raising fire safety awareness. Understanding these measures and applying them in real life can save countless lives from meeting an unfortunate and preventable end. Above all else, three things are a must when it comes to fire safety in real estate; smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and a proper evacuation plan. Installing smoke alarms throughout the building will eliminate the chance of a fire going unnoticed before it starts to spread. And having fire extinguishers close at hand will help in dousing the fire. And if by any chance the fire becomes too big to control, a proper evacuation plan detailing the fire exit and what to do will help people escape. Keep in mind that there are plenty more safety measures, both preventative and during.

Raising Awareness

Board containing what to do in case of fire
Awareness is the first defense against fire

As the largest real estate marketplace in Bangladesh, Bproperty is leading the charge to improve and raise fire safety awareness among developers, property owners, and residents. The goal is to avert any fire-related disaster that might endanger people’s lives. This fire-safety campaign is being run on every platform to ensure maximum reach. Bproperty is advising property owners about fire hazards and safety measures. A little effort and foresight and help prevent large disasters. The owners are provided a board to hang on the lobby of their respective buildings that highlight what to do when there’s a fire.

Bproperty's fire sagfety campaign in action
Bproperty’s fire safety campaign in action

Additionally, every video on the Bproperty’s Property Tours YouTube channel has ‘Fire-Safety Protocol’ at the end to inform viewers about safety measures as well as what to do in case of fire.

fire safety awareness protocol
The campaign is also run on the digital platform to increase people’s knowledge

While there is a general consensus about the need for developing safer buildings, fire safety is something that should never be taken lightly. Vigilance and knowledge are necessary to ensure no such disaster occurs. Bproperty knows and understands this very well. It is everyone’s duty and responsibility to spread fire safety awareness to people and help people lead a safer life.

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