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Virtual reality provides a perfect opportunity for property investors to view real estate without ever visiting the country in question. Virtual reality provides a cost-effective alternative to flying to a city, meeting an agent, staying in a hotel, and all the other concomitant expenses.

VR puts the buyer back in control. You no longer have to follow closely after the estate agent during house views, through a planned sequence of rooms and stops. The buyer can thoroughly visit a room in detail and loop back around at any moment.

Potential buyers can take 360-degree tours of many homes and neighborhoods before ever visiting. In most cases a shortlist can be created where eventually just one trip might be required to visit all the properties in one go.

VR will really open up how agents can sell new development, that are still under construction. With rich, detailed, digital content, a VR presentation can produce a very realistic picture of what the completed development project will look like.

The chance to view the neighborhood will also be opened up. Virtual tours of surrounding areas, parks and streets will be possible. That is something you can’t experience from just being there without the sensory depth of virtual reality.

Get a different perspective

A deep dive through VR can allow a homebuyer to experience a property over different times of the day. A house during the day can look entirely different at night and the same applies to the neighborhood. While VR won’t replace a home visit, the depth of the experience will allow investors and home hunters to garner much more information about the property.

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