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Our natural environment is degrading every day, and the resultant effect is something catastrophic. If we don’t start thinking about our natural environment from now onwards, we have to pay a huge price. Therefore, developing real estate without endangering the environment can contribute massively to the great cause. Since most of the pollution is caused due to the development of megacities and other big infrastructures, going green from now on in developing real-estate can contribute largely to recovering from where we have fallen behind. The countries that are the least polluted have already understood the importance of going green and developing in an eco-friendly system. Here are some important well-researched tips on how developers can work on environment friendly real estate development.

Eco-friendly Walls and Roofs

A wall with green plants and a cycle in front
Eco-friendly walls can work as a natural insulator

There are different roof garden methods that enable greenery. Not only on the roof, but the entire outer faced walls of a building can be turned into a living wall, which lessens the cost of insulation, heating and cooling as well. The living walls are also called bio-walls because they improve air quality around the building through the exchange of oxygen and carbon-di-oxide and also by reflecting solar radiation. They are the best natural insulation. You can easily follow the sustainable technique without investing big on insulators and contribute to the environment friendly real estate development. There are several other individual steps to reduce your home’s carbon footprint after building an eco-friendly house.

Integrated photovoltaic panel installation

Photovoltaic solar panel
The photovoltaic panels are the latest and most efficient inclusion in solar technology

Integrated photovoltaics are the most upgraded and modern solar panel technology. These are basically placed in the roof and are the most cost-effective up-gradation of the traditional structure of solar panels. These are highly transparent and can replace the skylights and windows. Henceforth it is a very smart innovation. Photovoltaic means that whenever these panels are exposed in the sunlight, they generate electricity. This means that the entire commercial building or even the residential building is capable of generating electricity. Photovoltaic technology, therefore, helps you to determine how much you can run the property on solar power. This is one of the greatest technologies for environment friendly real estate development.

Investing in Electrochromic Glass

Electrochromic glasses in a building
Electrochromic glasses are the best construction technology for it’s multivariate uses

Electrochromic glass is the future of real-estate and one of the most eco-friendly building materials. Most window procuring companies are investing their research in creating the technology of glasses with multiple panes or glazes, that can hold in or insulate a lot of heat from sunlight. Electrochromic glasses are such smart innovations that use light, heat and electricity to change itself from opaque to transparent to translucent. It is programmed with different sensors and can be controlled through a centralized system. These glasses use the techniques of nanotechnology with multiple layers of ceramic glasses which are thinner than hair. You don’t need to invest heavily on HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) if you use these glasses on your entire building. EGs also provide you with necessary lighting in broad daylight. So, using EGs is one of the most important tips on environment friendly real estate development.

Eco-friendly bricks

Natural eco friendly bricks stashed together
Shifting to Eco-friendly bricks can help you contribute to reducing carbon footprints at a larger scale

At present, a total of 30 companies are producing eco-friendly bricks in Bangladesh. These bricks are highly effective and come in forms of concrete blocks. The conventional method of brick production in brickfields has already caused some irreversible damage to our natural habitat. It is high time that these toxicological brickfields are replaced with eco-friendly brick production systems. House Building Research Institute (HBRI) who are an affiliate of the Ministry of Housing and Public Works has worked incessantly for more than 40 years in order to replace these brickfields and provide a more sustainable solution.

The new eco-friendly bricks do not require any burning process or extraction of topsoil, that makes an agricultural land barren for at least three years. These bricks come with the names and variants of Thermal Block (TB), Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB), Concrete Hollow Block (CHB), Aerated Concrete, Interlocking CSEB, and Ferro-cement Sandwich Panel (ACFSP). Therefore, it is time we should reconsider our traditional making of bricks and replace them with eco-friendly ones in order to save our ecology from imminent damage.

Extensive use of sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable materials

Under construction building
While constructing a building, reuse the materials as much as you can from the previously demolished one

It is very important to reuse and save at your home in order to reduce the non-degradable waste clutter. Reusing old materials, mainly after polishing and redesigning the remains of an old building is an easy way to save up and reduce the overall environmental impact of your construction. Different products like recycled plastics, glasses, bricks and lumber can help you to save your money and encourage reuse. At present, there are multiple kinds of biodegradable products which are produced commercially in order to replace traditional products. Also after the construction, setting up a method of using alternatives to non-renewable natural gas can help to minimize the cost and effect of extraction and setting up lines of natural gas on a large scale. Environment friendly real estate development is a futuristic solution to a lot of ecological problems that are surfacing every single day.

Ecological flooring

wooden floor
Durable flooring materials especially wood waste can be used in flooring

A major portion of your construction relies on the different types of flooring materials that you choose. There can be multiple variants of flooring options for your home or office. But it is highly important to choose materials of flooring wisely. At present, different businesses are using bamboo instead of wood. Coconut tiles are a big eco-friendly invention to replace ceramic tilings. Different laminated flooring is available which is procured by recycling and using compressed woods from wastage. Different companies are also producing carpets from recycled plastic bottles, which can help us in making a big impact through going green.

The future of eco-friendly real estate: Construction through 3D Printing

3D printer with laptop programs
Start integrating 3D technology in constructing buildings to save the environment

3D printing technology is expanding day by day and the future of this is very promising. A Chinese based company has successfully printed ten concrete houses from recycled materials in just a span of 24 hours. The carbon footprint was immensely lower than other traditional construction and this technology should be the future of real estate development. It is not only cost-effective, but it is immensely energy effective and produces a significantly less amount of wastage. We will provide more details about using 3D technology in construction in the future.

Environment friendly real estate development is a dire necessity of the status-quo. It is high time we realise that. The sooner we convert to the greener methods, the lesser will be the burden of future ecological losses.

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